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  1. Estarossa

    Tournament UPL XII - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [Auction Sunday June 2 @ 11 AM -4]

    player name: estarossa tiers played: gsc tiers not played: Forseen inactivity: no
  2. Estarossa

    Tournaments DPPPL IV - Week Five

    won gg
  3. Estarossa

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Epilogue P.1 : Redrawing Borderd

    won gg
  4. Estarossa

    Tournament UUBD Format Discussion Thread

    would support a latias test in ss, been a big proponent of doing it since before the gen ended. had my concerns with thundy-i for a while where i already consider thundy-t a net negative to the tier in practicality but one that ends up not being broken or anything because of speed tier and...
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  6. Estarossa


  7. Estarossa

    Tournament PUPL X - Format Discussion

    while i sort of don't support gsc pu inclusion myself if it came down to my (fairly selfish) opinion, its a pretty solid tier that has felt fairly balanced and definitely not volatile a la dugza post etc. feels pretty stable as far as pu oldgens go and has a solid playerbase that won't overlap...
  8. Estarossa

    Copyediting CM Tera electric Latios QC (2/2) GP (0/1)

    very little to say here honestly, 2/2
  9. Estarossa

    Copyediting Mixed Clanger QC 2/2 GP 0/1

    lookg good qc 2/2
  10. Estarossa

    Copyediting Choice Scarf Latios (2/2) (0/1)

    looks good 2/2. Would probably bring up some of the anti-synergies with trick if ur playing with certain knock off users that tend to invite in slowking/tink though and potentially alternate moves in these scenarios.
  11. Estarossa

    Copyediting Nasty Plot Tornadus-T QC [2/2] GP [0/1]

    honestly i dont have an issue with any of this, 2/2 unless someone else on qc has anything tosay
  12. Estarossa

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Chapter 7: Viva La Revolution!

    won gg
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  14. Estarossa

    sat would be good between about 7-11pm gmt+1

    sat would be good between about 7-11pm gmt+1
  15. Estarossa

    Announcement We are looking for new QC members!

    We are looking for UU Trial QC members! The trial QC system is very similar to full QC, you will get access to our QC channels in discord and get more involved in set development, and will be able to post official qc checks that you get feedback from by the mod team and experienced qc members...
  16. Estarossa

    Tournament PSPL XII - Pools Week Three

    Xrn > passion Sulo Solaros & Lunaris
  17. Estarossa

    before midnight gmt+1 tomorrow is good

    before midnight gmt+1 tomorrow is good
  18. Estarossa

    Tournament UUFPL IV - Chapter 6 : Cybernetic Warfare

    won gg
  19. Estarossa

    7 would be preferable of the two but idm

    7 would be preferable of the two but idm