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  1. Dragonitekid010

    Metagame BDSP Monotype Megathread

    My Dragon Hell (note this was written by an amateur and also I can't do fancy stuff because noob at smogon) Sooooo everyone's been on about the bad types, but maybe the bad OPTIONS on dragon may make it apparent that this type, while having good mons, isn't cut out as it was thought to be...
  2. Dragonitekid010

    Survivor (Big) Survivor: Starhome

    The tribe has spoken.
  3. Dragonitekid010

    Survivor (Big) Survivor: Starhome

    In DragonitePlayz#2491 lets go bb
  4. Dragonitekid010

    B101 Inactive Tutee Posts & Updates

    PS! Username: Dragonitekid101 Your timezone: CST (GMT -6?) Usual Hours of Availability: 10am-5pm Weekdays. No time on weekends. Tell us a little about your experience in competitive Pokemon (min. 3 sentences): I've been playing competitive pokemon since 2017 where i first got into monotype. I...
  5. Dragonitekid010

    Signups MPL VI - Player Sign-ups

    Name: dragonitekid101 Metagames Played: All Timezone:EST Potential Activity Issues:Cannot play from 10pm-7am
  6. Dragonitekid010

    CAP 24 Playtest Tournament Sign Ups

    I'm interested in joining! It will be fun, and before now I didn't know I could use non cap pokemon in cap