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  1. Glue

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2024 - Rosters

    Captains :Roserade: Glue :Roserade: :Garchomp: Gingy :Garchomp: Players :Bonsly:SV OU xavgb :Bonsly: :Pinsir-Mega: SV OU Ahsan-219:Pinsir-Mega: :Mewtwo: SV OU Stareal :Mewtwo: :Weezing-Galar: SV OU Trogba Trogba :Weezing-Galar: :Urshifu:SV OU Baddy :Urshifu: :Kyogre:SS OU Icemaster :Kyogre...
  2. Glue

    Lower Tiers ADV NU Viability Ranking (found new host)

    I think the VR needs a major update, The metagame has went through a lot of changes since the last time it got updated. I will talk about every mon and I will give them a brief description. S = The Very Best, Splashable & Versatile. Big Impact on the Metagame. A = Very Good Pokemon B1 = Good but...
  3. Glue

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Week 7

    Subbing in BeeOrSomething for ADV UU Colteor avarice
  4. Glue

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Week 6

    Trade is coming in over temp seroo Sheik :
  5. Glue

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Week 5

    Subbing in Sapientia over Blues BigFatMantis
  6. Glue

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Week 4

    Blues won vs BlazingDark
  7. Glue

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Week 2

    BeeOrSomething is coming in over Blues CyberOdin✝ susciety -Howkings
  8. Glue

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2024 - Captain Signups

    Team UK with Gingy
  9. Glue

    alright we will play at 12pm then

    alright we will play at 12pm then
  10. Glue

    yes that is fine by me. lmk when you have an updated time.

    yes that is fine by me. lmk when you have an updated time.
  11. Glue

    I can only do 12pm-2pm and 6am-8am your time most days.

    I can only do 12pm-2pm and 6am-8am your time most days.
  12. Glue

    Tournaments ADVPL IV - Manager Signups

    Manager: Glue Assistant Manager: Zacpz Team Name: Girafarig Gang I have played ADV UU & NU in multiple of team tours. I have plenty of experience from managing in WCOP, BLT and ROAPL. I have also won BLT 6 and ALT PL 2024 as a manager. ALT PL contains ADV UU & NU, both players I managed won all...
  13. Glue

    Tournament BLT XI - Manager Signups

    We have Terrible news It appears that the Pawniard Penguins have been ambushed out of nowhere by The Frogs The Frogs are looking for new leaders and have appointed Glue and Poat as head of the council
  14. Glue

    Tournament BLT XI - Manager Signups

    Manager: Glue Assistant Manager: PrinceOfAllTacos Team Name: Pawniard Penguins List of Accomplishments: I Won BLT 6, Won ALT PL 2024, Top 8 WCOP Team UK Poat has been apart in 5 BLTs and managing 3 of them. Poat is also currently leading his team the Tyranitars to play offs in RBEL. Why would...
  15. Glue

    WCOP Format II (Pools v. Groups)

    Team UK played for 13 weeks last year. We got pretty burnt out towards the end of the tour thanks to our run from Qualifiers, Main Tour and a bunch of tiebreakers happening. This does not include the fact we held tryouts for newer players as well. I think qualifiers should be revamped to prevent...
  16. Glue

    Tournaments RBY World Cup II - Signups [CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE]

    Glue The Lads
  17. Glue

    Implemented WCOP Format (tiers)

    I had a look with Team UK to check out Malekith's format, while we would be perfectly fine adapting to the format. We as a team agreed that the format is very convoluted and has a lot of problems. 1) Outside of the play offs, how would you decide which teams goes first to pick. Would it be...
  18. Glue

    All Gens Ancient Lower Tiers Premier League Second Volume Grand Finale Super Championship Cup Grand Prix (Won by Mistresses Misdreavus)

    I done all my shoutouts in the Misdreavus cord I had a very good time for this team tour, everyone put in so much effort into their prep and it paid off with a dub. Very comfortable team environment and nobody went in having no help throughout the tour. Quick shout outs to EllingtonReborn kenny...
  19. Glue

    Implemented WCOP Format (tiers)

    Team UK fully supports Doubles OU to be included. We have several players that would be happy to play Doubles OU for this upcoming WCOP.