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  1. SmokingBomber465

    Its too balanced halp

    Automotize Aegislash says hi. Let's stop with the elitist blanket-statements now, hm? King's Shield is NOT necessary on all Aegislash sets--wallbreaker slash and Automotize being two of them. My suggestion is that you don't use Flash cannon on Aegislash. If you want a steel move, use Iron...
  2. SmokingBomber465

    It's a start, but I'm not sure it's right.

    Looks like this team's goal is to have Keldeo and Heatran do all the heavy lifting while the others fill support/damage-control roles. I know that adding Excadrill will add a fighting/fire/ground weakness, but let's look at your pokemons' roles instead. Weak to ground: Heatran, Bisharp...
  3. SmokingBomber465

    Rate my first 6th team

    Looks like that as long as you can get up your stockpiles and they don't have anything that can force you out, you can tank pretty much anything. Does look like you are going to develop an issue with bulky setup sweepers who can tank or avoid your earthquakes and toxic damage though. Rotom-W...
  4. SmokingBomber465

    Too much steel

    Have I been asleep for the past ten years? Hasn't Timid Heatran been the thing for the past forever?
  5. SmokingBomber465

    Rate my first 6th team

    Thanks for the nod Blacky! Actually, Alakazam's "Magic Guard" ability prevents damage from anything except direct damage. Sandstorm, poison, and entry hazards are included. I feel that his team isn't really rocks-weak, so rapidspin might be a bit unnecessary. Of course we would need to...
  6. SmokingBomber465

    Rate My Team

    Since you're going with Natural Cure and using Trevenant as a spinblocker/wall, my recommendation is that you go mixed wall with it and use rest instead of leech seed. You want your Trevenant to be as slow as possible in this case in order to make it so that you always switch-out with Max HP...
  7. SmokingBomber465

    Rate my first 6th team

    Lucarionite might be banned soon, but for the steel move you wanted, use Bullet Punch (egg move). Works better with Adamant and 252 Atk. Your Hippowdon set looks totally great but I want to point out whirlwind and roar and the pokemon that will be using them: skarmory and Latias. Poison Heal...
  8. SmokingBomber465

    An Attempt at Charizard X

    Your Latias set isn't helping your team much the way it is. Let's try to fix it. You mentioned switching-in on a super-effective hit to get weakness policy while using calm mind. Great--now you're sitting at +3 Spatk and +1 SpDef and dragon pulse STILL doesn't hit fairies. If you're only...
  9. SmokingBomber465

    Entei's Rampage

    I feel that Klefki is the kind of pokemon you build a team around--and if you're kind of on the fence about it, try scizor but make it life orb
  10. SmokingBomber465

    Dual-Core [OU Balanced Offense Team with Charizard-X!]

    As what's-his-name said, move 4 HP EV to SPDef. Also, why are there 4 Atk EV on Mandibuzz? They serve no purpose--Foul Play uses your opponent's attacking stat, not yours. Move them to SpDef.
  11. SmokingBomber465

    Too much steel

    Between which is the better hazard remover and tank, the answer is clearly skarm, as you stated. Mandibuzz brings three things to the table that skarmory can't: a fairly quick taunt to force-out other walls or wish-passers (I remember completely walling-out and disabling a team based on...
  12. SmokingBomber465

    Bulky Offense MegaMaw

    When this was first made, HP Fire rather than Dark Pulse/Extrasensory was the Greninja standard set. I know that currently Greninja loves running either Dark or Extra, but the overwhelming percentage of Greninja users use Dark Pulse over Extrasensory, I believe (citation needed). Tentacruel...
  13. SmokingBomber465

    My First Gen 6 OU Team!

    If you're not running Talonflame with Life Orb and roost, then your team might like some rapid spin support--Talonflame with a Choice Band and Uturn is going to be switching in and out a lot--and flare blitz and brave bird are going to be hurting you a lot if you're actually killing things with...
  14. SmokingBomber465

    IRL Team.

    So he does (had to look it up) I stand corrected. Still sucks as a tank and also as a hazard-remover and also as a curser. Remove him. If you want to run a curse set, use Umbreon since it has the special defense to take a hit--and if you want hazard removal like we have been discussing, run...
  15. SmokingBomber465

    Rate my team part one

    almost every pokemon on your team is a setup sweeper. Stop that! Change Ttar to sandstream--he will appreciate the SpDef boost Remove Ice Beam from Azumarill: Play rough Your Skarmory: Impish, not timid. Leftovers, not Shed shell as what's his name said. This isn't DPP, Magnezone has no...
  16. SmokingBomber465

    IRL Team.

    Dear god, I didn't even notice the natures! The best rapid-spinner you could run is actually Defog Mandibuzz if you're going with the CB Scizor over Life Orb Defog Scizor. You aren't running entry hazards yourself, so replacing Defensive Avalugg (who isn't really all that great anyways as a...
  17. SmokingBomber465

    IRL Team. Kalos Native: The eevee that is to be Sylveon must be hatched or caught in Pokemon x/y to be elligible. Also, Sylveon can't hold leftovers since VGC runs item clause. ____ Agreed on...
  18. SmokingBomber465

    Offensively Oriented OU Team

    I love your Godzilla-themed nicknames. I saw Mecha-Kumonga and was like, "hmmm, was that a Son of Godzilla reference"...then Mrs. Godzilla popped up and I knew. Your question of Stealth Rocks on Charizard: Due to the 4x rocks weakness, charizard actually takes 1/2 of its HP when it...
  19. SmokingBomber465

    Project Perfection

    I am very suspicious of that Automatize/Swords Dance Aegislash set. Two setup moves is just ASKING for Mandibuzz to come in and laugh in your face. EDIT: WIth all due respect, of course.
  20. SmokingBomber465

    It's a start, but I'm not sure it's right.

    Unless the pokemon gets STAB on the move, I feel that Psychic moves are more-or-less a waste. The reason that he-or-she has Heal Bell as that last Sylveon moveslot is because Donphan is susceptible to Toxic Spikes--the ideal thing to do is run Excadrill, Forretress, or Starmie in that slot and...