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  1. Kamiccolo

    Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

    Getting really unlucky with Hawlucha hatching 2001 eggs, I got the shiny charm and got it after 226 eggs with the charm I hatched two other shinies after that: Chespin at egg #137 Fennekin at egg #33 I'm going for another Fennekin right now because it missed special attack and ended up with...
  2. Kamiccolo

    Shiny Charm and Masuda Method

    I'm currently trying for a shiny Hawlucha, it's giving me a really hard time, I'm nearing 1800 eggs, as for the other shinies I've hatched: Skiddo on egg #299 Froakie on egg #998 Honedge on egg #100 Fletchling on egg #161
  3. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Volcarona

    I think 248 HP, 244 Def, 16 Speed is a good spread for bulky Quiver Dance with a Timid nature to outrun positive natured base 130s, not sure how effective this set is as I haven't used it yet but it seems pretty effective.
  4. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Bisharp

    I run the exact same set but with 248 HP, which gives it an odd HP number for an extra sub if I needed it, this set puts a lot of pressure on the opponent, it's actually quite bulky on the physical side with max HP.
  5. Kamiccolo

    Other Rain In OU

    So with Charizard Y being common does anyone suggest running Rain Dance on defensive Politoed over one of his old moves, Perish Song maybe? it can work just like Ninetales running Sunny Day to counter weather last gen, predicting Charizard-Y switching in and using it can potentially turn the...
  6. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Aegislash

    I didn't read to entire thread so sorry if I'm asking a question that has already been asked before but for the now common and successful mixed set, do you guys recommend Life Orb over Spooky Plate? I run King's Shield, Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword and Shadow Ball with max in both offenses with a...
  7. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Heatran

    I think Flash Cannon is a fairly decent option on the specs set, but for the Stealth Rock one which I'm going to use HP Ice seems a lot better, so Fire Blast, Stealth Rock, HP Ice and Earth Power is probably the best option.
  8. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Scizor

    I think 248 HP, 8 Attack and 252 Defense/Special Defense works really great for Defog Scizor, Adamant is still the preferred nature because even with an ininvested attack stat Scizor can hit really hard, Roost, Bullet Punch, U-Turn and Defog is what I run and I think it's the most effective set...
  9. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Heatran

    Does anyone advise running Flash Cannon on Heatran at all? most of the common fairies, Azumarill, Mega Mawile and Klefki are neutral to the move, two of those are destroyed by Fire STAB and Heatran really can't do anything to Azumarill except Roaring it hoping to ruin Belly Drum if it's running...
  10. Kamiccolo

    Other Silly Things You've Seen On The OU Ladder: V2

    Saw a replay of someone using specially offensive Scizor, with Swords dance but no physical move to take advantage of it, he was also using sub-punch Gengar and a few others I'm glad I forgot lol.
  11. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Zygarde

    Well for now we won't be getting it's new form(s) (we're not even sure if it has them, or it) but for now I think it's still a great Pokemon, it's stuck with a useless ability, but on the bright side it has great bulk, average but still usable speed and a fairly decent movepool, mostly saying...
  12. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Lucario

    Earthquake can destroy Aegislash while Lucario doesn't have to fear getting it's attack dropped by King's Shield. +2 252+ Atk Life Orb Lucario Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Aegislash-Shield: 390-460 (120.3 - 141.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO Well that's more than enough powerful, but what can it do...
  13. Kamiccolo

    Pokémon Lucario

    How does running both Bullet Punch and ES work? ES can potentially KO Talonflame, especially banded variants which happen to be running speed over HP to outrun Mega Pinsir's Quick Attack, if I'm correct they run this EV spread and nature: Adamant, 50 HP, 252 Attack, 208 Speed it has a good...
  14. Kamiccolo

    Thanks ^_^

    Thanks ^_^
  15. Kamiccolo

    Rate my team (Offensive OU)

    H Haha yeah, Azumarill is stupidly hard to counter, the only true counter to it is physically defensive Venusaur and Tentacruel too, though Tentacruel's physical bulk is rather pathetic even when fully invested, but I think Heliolisk works great as a counter, I can switch it on an aqua jet and...
  16. Kamiccolo

    WiFi and OU: "Rag Tag" Team

    A good defogger as I suggested is Scizor, it can take special hits well with the special defense investment and Arcanine helps it with it's single fire weakness while it helps Arcanine (and the rest of the team too) with it's access to Defog and giving a flash fire boost to Arcanine if a fire...
  17. Kamiccolo

    WiFi and OU: "Rag Tag" Team

    I like your team, instead of using Pokemon that are used so much they can be easily predicted you use a few Pokemon barely seen in competitive play to keep your opponent guessing what you're going to do, I think your team has room for even more improvement, there are some changes I suggest that...
  18. Kamiccolo

    Rate my team (Offensive OU)

    Thanks for rating my team :) I will consider the changes you suggested, I think Heliolisk is a brilliant addition to the team, I'll replace Heatran with it and see how it goes, as for your suggestion to add Defog to Xatu, that's not possible I'm afraid without having to forgo it's hidden ability...
  19. Kamiccolo

    Rate my team (Offensive OU)

    The fire immunity and the resistances are great, but yeah it doesn't really work as good as it should on the team, though I don't really know what to switch it with, Excadrill doesn't seem like a bad choice
  20. Kamiccolo

    Rate my team (Offensive OU)

    Well this team certainly has more troubles than these but I shall change the Pokemon to what you suggested, thanks, Gastrodon is a really great Pokemon and more than one Pokemon on the team can support it by resisting it's weakness