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  1. The Transition to Pokemon Showdown

    Honestly, PS is a lot better to me. Being able to see your whole team on overview is a big plus. In battle, being able to reconnect, visual indicators of entry hazards and the simulator guessing your opponent's abilities as well as remembering their held items is great. Also, PO is okay but the...
  2. BW2 and U(U)

    Are any of these new additions legal/released?
  3. (Pokémon) Musharna

    There is no C&C for UU analyses yet. This is the general UU discussions forum. Also, your sets have way too many slashes. And have you even tested any of them? It seems you're referring to a lot of Gen IV pokemon like Clefable, Registeel, Heracross, etc.
  4. Espeon

    Magic Bounce reflects Taunt too, so a full support set is viable.
  5. Best Users of EVIOLITE

    Eviolite is so annoying, I have started using Knock Off on my Gligar to ameliorate it. Even then, Chansey is still a nightmare.
  6. Gen V Initial UU

    Charizard is also pretty shitty outside of sun, takes 50% per Stealth Rock, has a piss poor movepool, and has terrible defensive typing. Also, just because something is able to handle Ferrothorn, does not make it a candidate for a well-balanced team, as it has problems with everything not named...
  7. Gothitelle

    I didn't rename it.
  8. Volcarona

    Actually I use one and it works great, it's the perfect counter to scizor and other bulky physical hard hitters. Also, after a BD or two, it doesn't even have much of a problem against STAB Boiling Water from bulky waters.
  9. Sigilyph

    Well, it's obviously not fit to be a dedicated lead, but since I play wifi I usually just scan the opponent's team and switch to a better lead. Investing it into defenses would just make it into an inferior Cresselia. Its main selling point is its speed, take out Whirlwind and put a screen or...
  10. Yanakkie

    This looks like theorymon and isn't even formatted correctly. Try reading the stickies before posting an analysis.
  11. Sigilyph

    Okay, I've been using this thing as a lead on my standard team for the last few days and it's absolutely amazing. Shinboraa (F) @ Flame Orb Trait: Magic Guard EVs: 252 HP / 4 SDef / 252 Spd Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) - Psycho Shift - Roost - Air Slash - Whirlwind This set is a great...
  12. Sableye

    I used this guy on one of my earlier DW teams. Absolute nightmare for stall to deal with. I even stalled out a garchomp once with priority WoW.
  13. Serperior

    So then you're just wide open to other Grass types. or Dragons. or Nattorei. or anything that can resist Water/Grass, really. HP Ground would be better in all situations except for when you're up against the rare Charizard or maybe Balloon holders.
  14. Little Known Pokes of Gen 5 -- (Warstory by The Ush)

    I like Vuljina simply because its name amuses me. But I have a hard time believing it's a good wall. I've faced a few and they've never given me much trouble.
  15. Shedinja

    This guy is still pretty good in multi battles. He can score a WoW or even decimate an unprepared team.
  16. Ground types on the hunt

    Less conventional? Try the metagame standard. My trick room team works well in PO Wifi, but only because a vast majority of teams being used on there are Sandstorm or Hail teams.
  17. Victini

    Obviously you have to scout with U-turn first, using Death Gamble off the bat is not a wise move.
  18. Zoroark

    I've been using a mixed lead Zoroark disguised as Espeon, to scare away suicide leads and deal with Dark-types like Tyranitar who eat a Focus Blast to the face. It actually works pretty well.
  19. Pokémon Lab - the successor to Shoddy Battle

    Did you try making a new forum account and using that?
  20. Smeargle

    Oh right- Coil is also +1 Atk/Def/Acc and now that Tail Glow is +3 SpA, that's also useful. Magic Coat reflects Taunt.