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    Bug Reports v4 -- POST BUGS HERE

    This is a visual bug regarding Acupressure in Gen 8 Free-for-All Randbats. When Acupressure is selected to be used on an "ally", the battle chat acts as intended, denoting that the choice is invalid. However, the UI still acts as if the selection was successful and shows the time being paused...
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    Pokemon World Championship 2022

    Pokemon World Championship 2022
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    Oricorio does have competition as a Quiver Dancer, but Lilligant isn't one of them. While she has a higher SpAtk stat then Oricorio, her offensive movepool is TERRIBLE, with her only non Grass-Type special moves being Pollen Puff, Tera Blast and Hyper Beam (lol). Her only niche I can think of is...
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    This usually isn't the case. In UU, Talonflame usually runs Flame Body as its ability to potentially punish U-turns with burn. The value of burn spread outweighs priority Flying moves at full health most of the time, unless Talonflame is running a offensive set, which is much less common.
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    UnderUsed Teambuilding Competition Week #13 - Scizor

    Banded Tyranitar + Special Salamence Balance :sv/tyranitar::sv/salamence::sv/slowbro::sv/tinkaton::sv/brambleghast::sv/grafaiai: After many generations of living in OU, Tyranitar has finally been scared out of its residence by the new gen 9 mons and currently resides in UU. Since it's down...
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    UnderUsed Teambuilding Competition Week #13 - Scizor

    potaeto cause cool nicknames
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    Resource SV Short Questions and Short Answers

    When will thread reservations open up?
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    (Once upon a time...) :sv/talonflame: Type: Stats: 78 HP / 81 Atk / 71 Def / 74 SpA / 69 SpD / 126 Spe (BST: 499) Abilities: Flame Body / Gale Wings (Hidden) Notable Moves: Brave Bird, Bulk Up, Defog, Flare Blitz, Hurricane, Overheat, Roost, Taunt, U-turn, Will-O-Wisp Pros: One of the...
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    UU Pokemon Thread Reservation

    Talonflame is still avalible appearently so I'll take it - yesta
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    UnderUsed Teambuilding Competition Week #13 - Scizor

    Askov (also Askov's minisprite links to incorolla's team hope you can fix that thanks)
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    True, but do keep in mind that you're taking up to 25% of recoil damage afterwards. And Toedscruel isn't really a threat to Altaria anyway: Altaria walls both of Toedscruel's STABs and can take Spore since it has Natural Cure. All Toedscruel can do is click Knock Off to get rid of leftovers, and...
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    While Brave Bird's consistency and extra power is nice, taking recoil damage isn't good, especially when you're a defensive pokemon whose goal is to take hits. The extra power is also somewhat irrelvant coming off its base 70 Attack stat. The only situation I can think of where you would go...
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    I was actually going to add Vaccum Wave (hence the Tera Fighting option on the NP set), but kinda forgot about it midway:pika:, but thanks for reminding me of that~ As for Bulk Up + Sub/Taunt, I haven't tried out either of these, but Toxicroak lost Focus Punch this generation, which neuters...
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    (I know this is Croagunk but still) :dp/toxicroak::bw/toxicroak::sv/toxicroak: Type: Stats: 83 HP / 106 Atk / 65 Def / 86 SpA / 65 SpD / 85 Spe (BST: 490) Abilities: Anticipation / Dry Skin / Poison Touch (Hidden) Notable Moves: Close Combat, Dark Pulse, Drain Punch, Earthquake, Focus Blast...
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    :dp/bronzong::bw/bronzong::sv/bronzong: Type: Stats: 67 HP / 89 Atk / 116 Def / 79 SpA / 116 Spe / 33 Spe (BST: 500) Abilities: Levitate / Heatproof / Heavy Metal (Hidden) Notable Moves: Body Press, Earthquake, Future Sight, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Ice Spinner, Night Shade, Stealth Rock, Trick...
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    np: SV UU Stage 0 - Start of Something New (Hello SV UU!)

    Why yes of course our lord and saviour :sv/spidops: has a 100% winrate.