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  1. EtherealWaltz

    Metagame SS OU Metagame Discussion Thread v7 (Usage Stats in post #3539)

    After playing a bit of OU, I wanted to talk about 2 specific pokemon I found interesting, those being Regieleki and Spectrier (grouping them since they function pretty similarly and have similar problems). Now when I first saw these pokemon and their movepools, I thought they were gonna be...
  2. EtherealWaltz

     np SS UU Stage 2 - Here Comes The Sun (Gyarados & Primarina BANNED)

    ITS TIME Can't speak for vivalospride and Amane Misa but I think some common arguments for no ban are that both of Dracozolt's STABs don't require a special ability like water absorb to be immune to it. Ground types are already great rockers in UU and fairy isn't a bad typing either so most...