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  1. Rricull


    What about Pokemon as avatars? :/
  2. Rricull

    Favorite Room?

    The Roleplaying room has many people at my age and It has fun RPs. Roleplay4Life ♥
  3. Rricull

    Favorite Room?

    I don't explore all rooms at PS!.. I only hang out at RP room every time I'm on.. :/
  4. Rricull

    Favorite Room?

    There are many rooms on PS some are Public,Private and Official. So what's your favorite one? Mine is The Roleplaying Room because it's the only room I enjoy so much and people there are good and fun to rp with.
  5. Rricull

    Your nicks : Where are they from ?

    My PS nick is Curricull it was supposed to be CoolCurry because I ate a Cool Curry but, Curricull is cooler.