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  1. Kenpach2

    SS OU Fuck heat, we want that icy glastier offense. Peak Top 8 | Omari P

    great team my boy. went 3-2 with it
  2. Kenpach2

    ORAS OU Rain Dance OU

    nice team, i suggest using a timid nature tornadous-t life orb knock of can still ko zam and gengar. stone edge is better than slide. i think aqua jet would do you good. heat wave over sludge wave i don't see fairies being much of a threat
  3. Kenpach2

    ORAS OU TRY TO DESTROY IT! (Mega-Sabeye Stall)

    have whirlwind on hippowdon
  4. Kenpach2

    ORAS OU TRY TO DESTROY IT! (Mega-Sabeye Stall)

    your team is nice but i suggest a phaser. check my team out
  5. Kenpach2

    XY OU team terrakion Terrakion @ Life Orb Ability: Justified EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Close Combat - Stone Edge - X-scissor - Substitute terrakion forces a lot of switch so i teached it substitute to gain advantage. it a mighty attacker with stone edge...
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    hi all

    hi all
  7. Kenpach2


    team in it final form
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    apologizes didn't notice that flaw i will make it nature to sassy then. because earthpower can't do much against a plus 2 cm rachi. rehin thanks i will try the set out maybe with a body slam then
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    hi there smogon this is kenpachs and this is my second rmt. the rmt revolves around the sinnoh elite champion cynthia and i must say it been working quite well. team preview ahh roserade the masked plant force. my lead and a good one too. roserade main job is to incapacitate foes...
  10. Kenpach2

    Sand is Strong !

    hi there nice team. i feel like either tyranitar or stoutland should carry pursuit for trapping the lati-twins and other psychic types that could become a problem. genesect is nice Pokemon but it not always the best i may suggest bugbuzz for persistant stab that doesn't make you switch.
  11. Kenpach2

    OU 1st Gen Sun Team

    So what if dugtrio get out of the picture? it not a pokemon that meant for logngevity, the team is great no doubt but all i am saying that moveset are more beneficial than the one's you have on them now and will help you with eliminate instead of having to switch constantly fearing those...
  12. Kenpach2

    OU 1st Gen Sun Team

    hi there samurott, nice team you have. the only thing i have a problem is with your venusaur and cloyster don't get me wrong they are both great pokemons for your team but the set are a bit shaky. as i see your venusaur has a bit of a tentacruel and toxicroak problem as toxicroak can icepunch...
  13. Kenpach2

    Dreamteam-Offensive Team(Final BW RMT)

    hi there nice team man. what i noticed and disliked about the team is that espeon has hp-ice i dont know where you're obviously going with that except dragons and grass. i recommend you try hp-fire cause scizor can be a major troll to your team if you don't take precaution. your heatran look...
  14. Kenpach2

    drizzle offensive stall.(yea i know -_-) b/w

    thanks for the set but skarmory plays a very important role due to it flying-steel typing. forretress do gain a plus in resistance in the rain but cannot honestly last much. i dont mind hazards to be honest cause i've been in alot of predicaments like that and still came out as winner.
  15. Kenpach2

    drizzle offensive stall.(yea i know -_-) b/w

    ok will do later on today. i just thought it will be pretty obvious on what they will do that i dont need to explain that much
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    Underrated but effective sets in the BW2 overused metagame

    lead raichu ability: lightning rod/ static @focus sash/lum berry nature: timid EVs: 4hp 252sp.atk 252speed moveset: thunderwave encore thunderbolt focusblast/hp-ice the set works like a charm. use thunderwave to paralyze a foe that you know that wont attack then encore so it locked in that...
  17. Kenpach2

    drizzle offensive stall.(yea i know -_-) b/w

    hi my name is kenpach2 I've been on smogon for quite awhile but has never posted a rmt. i lurk here and there as a competitive battle. this team was in my head for awhile.. since i never took b/w WiFi battling as serious as i used to i didn't bother trying to make it. it was long since i test it...
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    i made this defensive meloetta set awhile ago. calm @leftover/chestoberry EV:252hp 232sp.def 22def healbell, psychic, u-turn, thunderwave/rest. not sure but more advice would be nice.
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    Sup it me

    Sup it me
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    Hi want ou bw battle?

    Hi want ou bw battle?