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    Tournaments France vs The World - Pairings & Tiebreak (Won by The World)

    Here are my objective predictions for this confrontation. DPP OU: Agammemnon vs. Kristyl DPP OU: Dridri457 vs. DeepBlueC DPP OU: Welli0u vs. innisfree DPP OU: SFG vs. Excal DPP OU: Altthiel vs. Jirachee DPP OU: Student of Sinnoh vs. Fakes DPP OU: Mustounet vs. Christos DPP OU: Emeral vs. Janik...
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    Tournaments SPL XV DPP Discussion

    Gl to both players I expect to see great teams and not paraspam.
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    Tournaments SPL XV DPP Discussion

    Good luck to twash, the French and all Forretress users. I'll be watching from the sidelines.
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    Thank you

    Thank you
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    Announcement The Smogon Discord would like you to become a rater!

    Oiponabys DPP OU DPP QC member, SPL 2023 DPP OU slot, DPP Circuit champion, 1800+ peak, 93%+ peak. I enjoy teaching and have prior experience in team rating. Emeral can vouch for me
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    Gen 4 DPP OU Lucario (Uploaded!)

    Done OK for agility as additionnal option as this set is rarely seen. Choice Scarf need more options as teammates. Fast Jirachi is an important roadblock for SD Lucario, a set I personnaly haven't seriously considered in months; it needs more emphasis either in the introduction or in the sd set.
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    Merci ! Ca date de quelques mois

    Merci ! Ca date de quelques mois
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    OU DPP OU Viability Ranking: mk. V

    :latias: :tyranitar: :jirachi: gods of the tier I believe there is a strong, immovable top 3 composed of these folks. They all provide great defensive utility, offensive pressure and versatility at the same time. Their rank order don't matter that much, but Latias feels the best right now with...
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    DPP Cup IX - Signups

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    Tournaments DPPPL III - Week Five

    won, gg
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    Hi, I'm +2 Can you play wednesday 9 am ?

    Hi, I'm +2 Can you play wednesday 9 am ?
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    Gen 4 Jirachi [GP 0/1]

    Unfortunately the whole analysis does not fit in one post due to character limit. The final version is post #4 and post #5, you can ignore Post 6.
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    Sure no problem

    Sure no problem