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  1. Lovelace

    Project SS UU Research Week - UU RESEARCH - Week 42 Roost Hydreigon and Any sets Crobat - New System !

    So I tried Scarf and Specs Heliolisk on a balanced sun team. The first two are a given, not really my playstyle but one of the strongest things you can be doing in UU right now. I added Scarf Heliolisk as a second sweeper/revenge killer to overload their checks. Assault Vest Reuniclus was...
  2. Lovelace

    Resource SS UU Viability Ranking Thread (Pre-DLC)

    Here's the list but with links if anyone finds that useful: S Rank Noivern A+ Rank Cobalion Haxorus Roserade Rotom-W Sylveon A Rank Bronzong Celebi Chandelure Darmanitan Doublade Gardevoir Gigalith Incineroar Milotic Reuniclus Rhyperior Toxtricity Weezing-Galar A- Rank Golisopod...
  3. Lovelace

    Resource RU Viability Ranking

    Nominating Zweilous for C. A versatile Pokemon that can run Choice Band for wall breaking, an offensive Eviolite set for bulky offense, or my personal favourite, a specially defensive rest talking set. Zweilous @ Eviolite Ability: Hustle EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD Careful Nature - Rest -...
  4. Lovelace

    Metagame NP: RU Stage 4: Do My Thang (READ POST #2)

    With all these Psychic types like Delphox, Slowking, and Sigilyph I'm finding good ol standard specially defensive Zweilous to be a really useful tool to have. Especially good at supporting all the slow wallbreakers we have like Escavaliar and Clawitzer.
  5. Lovelace

    Other The OU Theorymon Project (CLOSED)

    Yup any Pokemon that gets taken out by a strong STAB super effective hit from a top offensive threat is definitely useless.
  6. Lovelace

    Gen 6 UU Playstyles: Sandstorm

    I don't think we should fixate too much on Pokemon that have special benefits from Sandstorm. Last gen I saw many successful Hail Offense teams whose primary use of Hail was just to chip enemy walls with residual damage so their offensive Pokes could break through. While it's true that Sand is...
  7. Lovelace

    Pokémon Volcarona

    I think the meta may be getting too offensive for Quiver Dance Volcarona. With every decent team being hyper offensive and carrying multiple forms of solid priority in the form of Brave Bird, Aqua Jet, Sucker Punch, and Shadow Sneak you're not likely to have a straight sweep. Perhaps bulky pivot...
  8. Lovelace

    2496 Peak Rating PS

    I like this team a lot and I'm not surprised you peaked so high. The mark of such a successful team is that you've payed close attention to specific metagame trends such as common bug leads and the prevalence of ground types to counter Aegislash. I see a lot of potential problems for this team...
  9. Lovelace

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Sap Sipper lets you avoid a tonne of things like the aforementioned Spore but also stuff like Stun Spore and Leech Seed as well. Gooey can be clutch but really you don't want to be switching Goodra into physical attacks anyways. It has neither the stats nor the typing to make a good physical pivot.
  10. Lovelace


    It's a pretty trivial suggestion but for the sake of completion are there any plans to implement Pokeballs? I believe there are certain even Pokemon that are only available in specific balls, so competitively it could be useful information. Kind of like how stuff like Extreme Speed Genesect must...
  11. Lovelace

    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    I'd like advice on a goofy WIP team I'm putting together and I really don't want to make a whole RMT for it (just yet). Where would be the bets place to ask for advice? I'm really surprised Smogon doesn't just have a whole teambuilding section.
  12. Lovelace

    Pokémon Pangoro

    This is exactly how I used Pangoro in early XY and it worked decently when the meta was less focused and not as frantically destructive. Still usable I think (could be a good SD Talonflame partner) but it'd hard justifying a slot for him. There are so many new threats now and it's hard enough...
  13. Lovelace

    Other Is Weather Still Viable?

    I think that trying to find a counter for weather is a false premise. You should try to check the Pokemon that use weather. Which I don't think is especially hard to do in the current meta with all the bulk and priority around. The main threat of the most powerful weathers (Rain and Sun) is to...
  14. Lovelace

    Other Is Weather Still Viable?

    Even without being permanent, auto-Rain or Sun is still a ridiculously powerful ability. Drizzle basically gives Politoed a 4x Fire Resists and Special Water type V-Create without the stat drops. Even outside of all the support it can lend its team, I'm finding Specs Toed to perfectly viable as...
  15. Lovelace

    Pokémon Kingdra

    Does anyone have any kind of rough speed tier list written up yet? I think that bulkier Rain Dance set that forgoes outspeedng certain scarfers for living certain hits could really help Kingdra shine- 75/95/95 defenses is really not that bad especially due to the fact that with its great speed...
  16. Lovelace

    Item Assault Vest

    Assault Vest is really difficult to apply correctly. On the one hand a Pokemon has to bulky enough for the Assault Vest to give a real boost to durability but on the other hand they can't be so bulky that Leftovers would be an overall better choice. For example I was using AV Snorlax with Max...
  17. Lovelace

    Move Knock Off

    Last gen I would have said never to use Fake Out on Mienshao but this gen I'm finding that you often need that bit of chip damage to finish off huge threats. Don't use Fake Out blindly every time you bring Mienshao in, it's meant for those do or die moments when Talonflame is sweeping your team...
  18. Lovelace

    General Discussion

    So today I delved into the strange and magnificent world of Little Cup. I really like the bulky pivot-ness of the tier- standard Mienfoo is easily becoming my favourite set of all time with its consistent utility. Some things are really weirding me out though, I'm seeing a lot of stuff like...
  19. Lovelace

    Item Assault Vest

    Having used AV Meloetta extensively I can second this. I often switch it into Greninja Dark Pulses just because with its great bulk it can avoid the 2HKO. I've been using it Max HP / Max Special Attack but with all around decent stats and a versatile movepool you can do tonnes of stuff. Base...