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    Tournament Doubles World Cup II - Signups

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    NOT the scl meme thread (please do not lock this arcticblast)

    no longer topical after the final mocc, couldn't post it earlier because CNY >_<
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    NOT the scl meme thread (please do not lock this arcticblast)

    more than a month late but what can one do
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    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    fwiw doubles ou hasn't suspected anything for half a year and does not have anything urgent planned for suspect test. You're probably looking for a singles tier but doubles is a lot of fun too. Pop by the discord or the ps room and you'll meet some friendly people willing to help you get started...
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    Programming Question on Replays

    I'm leaving this here in case anyone else comes across the same problem. Nice and smart user Yoda2798 answered my qn in a discord pm.
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    Programming Question on Replays

    Hello, I'm beginning a project to edit replay files. I'm 'hacking' the replay viewer to add some additional functionalities. Its a short question that would probably be better suited for a simple question simple answer thread but I can't seem to find one. Right now, I'm running into some trouble...
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    Project Player of the Week: Karnisbroke

    How has your coming out journey been like? Post a pic of your favourite androgynous/feminine get-up!
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    NOT the scl meme thread (please do not lock this arcticblast)

    YURI VIABILITY RANKINGS by iwayasu while we wait for bunny to post her anime viability rankings, enjoy this :blobthumbsup:
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    Resource Doubles Overview, Rules, and Q&A - Ask Questions Here! (Resource Index Inside)

    A third rate duelist with a fourth rate deck can reach 1600. Guard split shuckle is most definitely a fourth rate team.
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    Hey are you from NUSH?

    Hey are you from NUSH?
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    Programming Pokémon Showdown Damage Calculator

    I don't know if this has been brought up before, but IMO its slightly inconvenient that the four default moves for the calc can include status moves. AFAIK the sets are ripped from analyses, but when you're calcing, status moves don't do anything. For example, the doubles Diancie set is Diamond...
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    Project DOU Secret Santa 2020

    Friend who built douse drive gene for me, thanks, love and please show yourself! Mind providing a little write up on what the evs mean and your building process?
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    Project Annotated Tournament Games

    Heyo! I finally found the motivation to do more proper studying. Spent the last week laddering ~300 games, mostly testing my secret santa team. Whoever gets it better be appreciative ._. This time I looked at zstrats vs umbry game 1. Once again, discussion points are stylised '@TEXT IN CAPS?'...
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    Programming Pokemon Showdown replay annotator

    Heyo! I recently saw someone use this tool to annotate a natdex ag game. Thats super cool :D. However, they took many tries and each time a new file is created and added to the github repo. Its not a big deal and github pages has basically infinite storage, but it looks kinda messy. Therefore...
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    Programming Pokemon Showdown replay annotator

    It is now able to re-annotate games annotated by other players, check the OP for more :D
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    Project Annotated Tournament Games

    Heyo! Qwello's feature request to add annotations to annotated games have been implemented. Check OP for more :D
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    Project Annotated Tournament Games

    That's a great idea, and it won't be very hard to implement. I'll get to it today or tomorrow :D <3 Thanks for the long reply! Haven't looked at it in detail but I agree with most of it. Just two points: Turn 3: I agree with this and this is what I think too. What I meant was that fini...
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    Project Annotated Tournament Games

    Hello again :D. This afternoon I studied game 1 of Crown Tundra Doubles OU Kickoff Tournament, Yoda2798 vs Nido-Rus and annotated it. This time I did it with the help of DOU discord so I hope the quality is better :blobthumbsup:. This thread is still reaaally empty minus my own posts and its...
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    Programming Pokemon Showdown replay annotator

    I've made a massive update to it. Some small bugs/qol and the program now lives in a web app on heroku! There is no longer any downloading or python knowledge required to make it work! Check out the updated OP for more :D