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  1. HoeenHero

    Duplicate Notes in Teambuilder

    This is a duplicate that we missed way back when sorry, feel free to send ideas over here:
  2. HoeenHero

    Pending Allow queuing for multiple formats at once

    Are you asking for us to expedite this because you are offering to implement this change if approved? This suggest has a total of 6 supporters and is a pretty sizable change code wise. There very much could be other things I'm not thinking of so there will likely be a decent chunk of design and...
  3. HoeenHero

    Not A Bug Trick Room does not move first under Trick Room

    Debug log confirms that they used trick room which has -6 priority, hence why you went first. Not a bug.
  4. HoeenHero

    Not A Bug Move Incompatibilities Exist in Random Battles

    Random battles intentionally ignores minor incompatibilities like that so moveset generation is easier.
  5. HoeenHero

    Invalid Ideas for usage tiers

    We don't take format suggestions here and aren't in control of tiering.
  6. HoeenHero

    Not A Bug Cloud Nine

    I did some testing and determined that rain is boosting the power of water type moves in gen 4 and that swift swim is doubling the speed of ability holders in rain in gen 4. As a result I'm unable to reproduce the issue you are describing. It was likely that the opponent had a pokemon with Cloud...
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    Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Make sure your connection string is using a secure websocket connection eg: wss://
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    Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Were aware and working on it, no need to post here.
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    Yes the site is down, your better off checking the technical support thread for these issues...

    Yes the site is down, your better off checking the technical support thread for these issues rather than my profile in the future.
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    Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Yes were down again, were working on it
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    Needs Triage Bug Report - Unsure

    The server is a bit unstable after recovery due to some problems we missed. Were working on them, please be patient.
  12. HoeenHero

    Unsure Florges-Blue loses moves/evs when viewing another pokemon

    I'm unable to reproduce this by following the steps provided/the video. What browser are you using? Check that its up to date and try reproducing the issue again as well. In addition do you have any extensions/browser plugins that affect showdown in use? If so can you try disabling them and...
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    Technical Support v2 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    Server is down due to an outage. Were working on it.
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    Not A Bug Server Outage on May 14th & 15th, 2024

    Server is down until further notice due to a technical issue outside of our control. Our provider is looking into it.
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    Not A Bug Torrent exists

    This ^ Not a bug.
  16. HoeenHero

    Invalid Strategic team building

    This forum is for suggestions to change and improve things for the website as a whole, not for team building advise. You might try looking at the ORAS forum: Please read the forum rules before posting in the future. Please do this for all forums as...
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    Ask simple questions here! [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    1. no 2. We permit bots to connect to and play battles as they have no advantage or information over human players. For this to happen, you would of course need to write a bot that connects to showdown and responds to protocol messages as appropriate. Alternatively You could take the the source...
  18. HoeenHero

    Not A Bug Bug Report - Mechanics

    We need a replay to determine if this is a bug or not.
  19. HoeenHero

    Not A Bug Dragon Ascent can target any Pokemon in a triple battle

    I'm getting conflicting information on this indicating that the move can hit any pokemon in a triple battle from some sources and others agreeing with you. Were going to need to check this in-game before proceeding.
  20. HoeenHero

    Not A Bug Bug Report - Mechanics

    Absorb Bulb doesn't make the holder immune to a water type hit, it only boosts your special attack after being hit if your not KOed. This is not a bug.