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  1. charismaacheck

    Tournament [Draft CA] Smogon x NPA Signups!

    Name Thaison Hughes Time Zone GMT-05:00 Relevant Social Media charismaacheck on Twitter, Twitch Accomplishments t32 NAIC 2022 t16 Ft Wayne 2023 Bio Have been in/helped/managed several levels of team leagues in my short time in VGC. I think these environments are great practice and...
  2. charismaacheck

    Tournament (Custom Avatar Prize) VGC PL III Player Signups!

    Name: Thaison (charisma) Relevant Social Media: charismaacheck (Twitter) charismaacheck#0069 (Discord) Formats played: SWSH era series 1-12, SV era series 1-2, regulation C. Bio: Been playing since SWSH, Day 2 NAIC 2022, SV T16 Ft. Wayne. USPA PA manager. I signed up for custom avi so I will be...
  3. charismaacheck

    2022 Spring Scramble! Pearl Flight

    My name is charismaacheck SD: Impah! Discord: charismaacheck#0069 Wins (1): Kairoshi Losses (0):
  4. charismaacheck

    Fall Scramble! - Darkrai Flight Results

    PS Name: GroudonDrinksWater Discord: charismaacheck#0069 Wins (): Losses (4): Bat Ink Arekusabi Pengy
  5. charismaacheck

    Smogon VGC 2021 Major - Confirmation Signups ($1150 in Prizing)

    Battlefy Username: charismacheck69 Pokemon Showdown Username: miltankmilkers Discord Username (include the numbers): charismaacheck#9837