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  1. KidX

    2013 Tournament tour - [Signups] +1K

    In Sceptile / Bisharp / Heatran Omaha tour
  2. KidX

    First Time Making a Team

    Hi. You have a fairly solid team, but I noticed that your team has a weakness to Aegislash. Your 2 main sweepers are both frail and are easily KOed with Shadow Sneak. Metagross can wall Aegislash if it isn't using Sacred Sword, but I wouldn't pray too much that it doesn't use sacred sword. I...
  3. KidX

    Alright thanks for the heads up.

    Alright thanks for the heads up.
  4. KidX

    Pokémon Milotic

    I think that a RestTalk Milotic set with scald and dragon tail or ice beam, is still very viable in the metagame. It may not be the best wall for OU which is full of power creeps thanks to M-Evo, but it will definitely remain one of the premier bulky water types in UU.
  5. KidX

    Other Dedicated Leads

    I actually love running Terrakion with focus sash as my lead. It has access to a fast taunt and stealth rocks. It also scares away some common leads like Tyranitar or Ferrothorn for fear of being KO'ed with Close Combat. After it helps setup rocks, Terrakion is just great at beating down walls...
  6. KidX

    Victini (QC 4/4) (GP 0/2)

    I have been trying more of a utility set on Victini and it has worked out fairly well. Utility ###### name: Utility move 1: Blue Flame move 2: Thunder / Thunderbolt move 3: Taunt move 4: Toxic / Thunder Wave ability: Victory Star item: Leftovers nature: Bold evs: 252 Hp / 100 Def / 156 Spe Ok...
  7. KidX

    My First 6th Gen team

    Hi. The reason why you have so many weaknesses to ice types is that your team has 3 dragon types. In my opinion that is not a really good idea unless you have a steel type, which unfortunately you don't. Your team will also have a hard time with Azumaril because nothing on your team wants to...
  8. KidX

    Pokémon Banette

    I think you should also add a bit about the fact that M-Banette relies heavily on prediction and that it has an extreme case of 4MSS. Looking forward to reading your analysis. Plus in my own bias, M-Bannette is my fav mega yet.
  9. KidX

    psst, click me (suggestions wanted)

    well first off you have 3 setup sweepers on your team. Imo that is pretty overkill. Try to limit yourself to 2 max. Also, for your argument as to why should you use HP Fighting over Psychic over Chandlelure, it's simple: Heatran. Your team is seriously Heatran weak. Once Gyara dies, Heatran is...
  10. KidX

    Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    I have seen people run this set before, it is definitely extremely viable. Assault vest makes Conk really tanky and Drain punch gives a reliable way of healing damage. I would though say to put another slash on the fourth move for Thunderpunch, so Conk has a way of hitting water types of...
  11. KidX

    Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    Definitely liking the utility M-Scizor, but the Arcanine set is really iffy. Like Arcanine isn't really bulky and since you have no EV's invested in tank, the Assault Vest is wasted, you are probably better off just running a Life Orb or Choice Band to maximize your damage. I have tried a...
  12. KidX

    First RMT

    Nice team, but please have longer descriptions about your team. Stating the role of the pokemon is not enough, you should go into detail about why you picked certain moves, EV's, items etc. and you should talk about how x pokemon checks y threats. First off I would like to tell you that, please...
  13. KidX

    Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    IDK man, with 70/70/75 defenses and 4x weak to water just spells doom for this guy even in the sun. Azumaril is going to shit on this guy so hard. Also M-Lucario as well as Scizor and popular mach punch users are really going to give this guy a hard time to even do anything. The other problem is...
  14. KidX

    Pokémon Banette

    This is probably why I love M-Banette. The fact that he is one of the overlooked megas this gen make it really unpredictable to most people. I personally just run WoW / Taunt / Destiny Bond / Shadow Sneak. These Taunt, WoW and Destiny bond make this thing an absolute douche to play against...
  15. KidX

    No Mega, Very Boss

    Yeah, go Red Ranger Bisharp! Love the fact that Bisharp is there. Only real thing that I see an issue with is the Mamoswine. It just doesn't seem like it's getting much done. Thus I recommend trying out a Landorus-Therian with a choice scarf. It'll allow you to check a lot of the threats you...
  16. KidX

    (Be)rate my team!

    Alright, first and foremost. Your team looks fairly easy to setup on whether its from sweepers or stall pokes. I recommend getting rid of Slowbro because with Rotom-W, Slowbro is pretty useless. Breloom also seems a bit out of place on your team. As a whole, Breloom has really dropped this gen...
  17. KidX

    Pokémon Banette

    Dude, in my opinion, I think that M-Banette acts more like a stallbreaker/pivot for your team. Priority WoW, Taunt, Destiny Bond, Thunderwave and Substitute are all great at forcing switches as well as breaking stall teams. I think M-Banette really shines setup sweepers (especially physical...
  18. KidX

    Other Creative / Underrated Sets Thread (Read the thread, NO SHITTY GIMMICKS)

    The biggest problem with this set is of course going to be Azumaril. Even if you manage to get off a belly drum, 1 quick aqua jet is going to OHKO it. You definitely need to have counters to Azumaril for this set. Also if you switch in to SR even once and belly drum standard CB Scizor will still...
  19. KidX

    Pokémon Banette

    The problem with this set is that most Dark type attacks that are going to be aimed at Banette are going to be physical, so priority WoW does the job perfectly. Also Dazzling Gleam would let you hit dragon types for SE damage, but it won't be doing that much while the dragon types are going to...
  20. KidX

    Out of Retirement and a Crack at XY OU

    Ok, so quick update. Wish Latias has not been working out for me. The fact that it only has a base 80 Hp while Goodra has base 90 is not good. I think I prefer vaporeon over Wish Latias. I have also switched over to a bulky defog crobat. It is surprisingly useful. Also infernape has been changed...