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  1. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Natural Selection (Slate 1 Playtesting Phase)

    Name: Eelektross Type: Electric Abilities: Levitate Stats: 100/115/80/105/80/65 (545) Movepool Changes: +Spark Surf, Earth Power, Scald, Recover
  2. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Fakemon Frontier

    Set 1: Fragmented, Jrdyop :), flareth13 Set 2: Jrdyop :), DenebStargazer, flareth13 Set 3: zxgzxg, Fragmented, flareth13
  3. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!)

    :sv/Kleavor: Pokemon: Kleavor Type-changing Move: Stone Axe Replaced Type: Bug Metagame Justification: Rock Type, Stealth Rock setter, set-up sweeper.
  4. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Ironmons (Slate 4)

    Name: Ancient Sunne Original Pokemon: Solgaleo Type: Psychic/Fire Ability: Protosynthesis Stats: 111 / 135 / 121 / 97 / 67 / 59 Paradox: Past New Moves: Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Photon Geyser, Raging Fury, Sunsear Smash, Meteor Assault, Play Rough, Bulk Up, Zen Headbutt, Double Edge Removed...
  5. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Paleomons - Slate 9 Winners

    Eobasileus: memebitatxt, chemicalmines Moschops: Totally_Odette, Beaf Cultist Sivatherium: chemicalmines, FourEyesIsAFish, Ayecrusher King
  6. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Fakemon Frontier

    Fakemon Name: UB-18 Gestalt, aka Millolizon, the Fused Fish Pokémon. Set Number: 1[Water type, Viably uses Freezing Glare] Weight: Stats: 103/127/47/131/53/109 (BST: 570) Typing: Water/Psychic Abilities: Beast Boost Movepool: Surf, Wave Crash, Aqua Cutter, Flip Turn, Freezing Glare, Psycho Cut...
  7. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Masquerade (Slate 11 Winners!)

    :delphox: Totally_Oddete :swampert: Totally_Oddete :feraligatr: Gaboswampert :skeledirge: Marshadow202 :emboar: Samtendo09
  8. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Ironmons (Slate 4)

    Name: Clay Warrior Original Pokemon: Armarouge Type: Ground/Psychic Ability: Protosynthesis Stats: 91/69/111/121/99/79 (BST 570) Paradox: Past New Moves: Porcelain Cannon*, Scorching Sands, Earth Power, Ancient Power, Meteor Beam, Muddy Water, Cosmic Power, Giga Drain. (Note: Already gets Sunny...
  9. FourEyesIsAFish

    Pet Mod Paleomons - Slate 9 Winners

    Name: Ipakokapi (from okapi, a modern relative of Sivatherium, modified to fid girafarig's naming convention), the Dousing Horn Pokemon. Prompt: Sivatherium Typing: Fighting/Psychic Abilities: Armor Tail/Rock Head/Scrappy Stats: 100/100/100/70/90/60 (BST: 520) Movepool: Bulk Up, Iron Defense...
  10. FourEyesIsAFish

    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    BEASTS OF PALDEA [GEN 9] bzzzzzt-"hole in reality"-bzzzzzzzt-"readings match those of the Al"-bzzzzt-"incident. Unprecedented in Pald-" krrrrrrrt! -"something's coming through SOMETHING'S COMING THRO-" -brrrrrrrrrrrrrr click. Premise: The Ultra Beasts invade Paldea, chaos ensues. Explanation...
  11. FourEyesIsAFish

    CAP 33 - Art Poll 1

    BobKingOfSeagulls uppababy BlorengeRhymes Yokaiju
  12. FourEyesIsAFish

    CAP 33 - Part 5 - Defining Moves

    I know I'm not even close to the most knowledgeable person with regards to CAP and even competitive pokemon in general, but i'd like to put in my two cents on these general points. 1. What is the best way to accentuate CAP33's role as a fast wall through the moves it will be using? As a fast...
  13. FourEyesIsAFish

    CAP 30 - Part 2 - Primary Ability Poll 2

    Tinted Lens Filter Poison Touch Personally, poison touch wouldn’t make for an as interesting CAP as Tinted Lens or Filter, especially with the unique two-form gimmick we have here.
  14. FourEyesIsAFish

    CAP27 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    -Voltage- quziel snake_rattler
  15. FourEyesIsAFish

    CAP27 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    -Voltage- sunMYSER quziel Modedit: Fixing unformatted ballot.
  16. FourEyesIsAFish

    Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer (CAP V. 3.0 READ THE OP!)

    Should we delay some reworks (cough Necturna cough) for after the expansion pass comes out? Some moves might come back... (cough Sketch cough)
  17. FourEyesIsAFish

    CaP26 Prevo - Part 6 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Edicter A combination of Edict and Evoker (with a little Evictor sprinkled in there) Pronounced “e-dic-ter”
  18. FourEyesIsAFish

    Somehow my birthday was put in as 1957. I was born in 2003

    Somehow my birthday was put in as 1957. I was born in 2003
  19. FourEyesIsAFish

    No. It somehow glitched

    No. It somehow glitched