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  1. Torterragatr

    Serious Acne and skin issues

    Note if OP reads this, absolutely do not continue taking vit A if you decide to go on Accutane, since Accutane is derived from vit A you will definitely get sick from hypervitaminosis. Don't listen to the people who say you need to wash your face more because excessive washing encourages...
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    SM NU tl;dr peak at 1300 because i suck ass at pokemon. Help me suck less (tr)

    I decided to name all the pokemon after Nuclear Throne characters because I thought it was cute or something idk. I enjoy roguelites. I prefer Isaac to NT though. Originally this was a bulky offense team but is now more stall-oriented, not intentionally but that's just the way things have...
  3. Torterragatr

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    I last logged in here six years ago or something and I don't like the name I chose, but I don't have enough (or few enough) posts to request a name change. Should I just register a new account in this situation? Eien: Hi! Welcome back. Unfortunately, creating alternate accounts for any reason...
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    CAP 17 CAP 6 - Part 10 - Non-Attacking Moves Discussion

    Third time's a charm! I'm hoping what I say will be a little useful. If it's clueless, my apologies. Baton Pass is disallowed. Baton Pass is, indeed, pro-concept in a twisted sort of way. The problem is it's not getting us where we want to be with the CAP, which is sweeping with Belly Drum—we...
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    CAP 17 CAP 6 - Part 9 - Name Poll 2

    Frigadier Corsavian Hindenbird darn, I forgot to make a final submission! Better luck next time, I guess. [/lelnoob]
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    Metagame in Progress: "Project Uber!"

    The basic idea sounds really cool, actually. But I think it would make coding easier if you made each "type" a separate ability, and some of the abilities like Wrath need to be nerfed badly. 1.3x power and 1.5x Speed seem like more than enough. Inferstrain: Porygon-Z would not be my first...
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    CAP 17 CAP 6 - Name Submissions

    WIP 1 Cradmiral Pronounced CRAAD-mih-ruhl crow + admiral Alcyern Pronounced al-SAHY-urn From Alcyoneus (a figure from a Greek myth explaining why crows came to be black) and stern Perraidor Pronounced PARE-a-dur or pare-RAID-ur, I can't decide which sounds better percussion + raider. The -dor...
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    Metagame in Progress: "Project Uber!"

    ^Dude, we know you hate how it's going, please don't keep posting in here if your opinion hasn't changed. It does nothing. That would break the "BST limit" that Ntiller was talking about (we could push it up but that needs approval from the community [hard to call it one since it's like 5...
  9. Torterragatr

    Metagame in Progress: "Project Uber!"

    There should also be restrictions on outrageous types, moves, or abilities without good justification. I wouldn't be surprised if after X/Y is implemented we get a storm of Levitating Fairy/Steel submissions. ^ Your Unown is decent, but I think Lati@s would outclass it mostly because Unown is...
  10. Torterragatr

    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    The search engine on Smogon stopped working a few months ago. Any chances for it coming back up? V I meant to put it in Smogon Metagames but put it here for some reason >_<
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    Deleting your own thread/posts

    I'm a regular unbadged user and can delete my posts. The option is just in a very odd place. EDIT: I seem to be wrong about this, I could about a month ago when the new forums came up. Weird.
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    Metagame in Progress: "Project Uber!"

    To be fair, Conkeldurr has lower HP than Cresselia... and Speed too. I was trying to replicate the role it had in OU, which is that of a bulkier attacker. But yes. We need some kind of force to moderate which Pokémon get in when we make shitty mistakes. This metagame is just in its inception and...
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    Metagame in Progress: "Project Uber!"

    I don't have time to do that fossil edition I was rabbling about earlier, so I'll just do some OU mons. Dragonite: Since Stealth Rock is really, really hard to get off in Ubers, Dragonite's niche should be focused on being a Dragon-type with a powerful STAB Hurricane. 130 SpA should be enough...
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    CAP 17 CAP 6 - Part 8 - Art Poll 2

    Mos-Quitoxe Zracknel Kadew Calad
  15. Torterragatr

    CAP 17 CAP 6 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

    Mos-Quitoxe Zracknel Birkal elcheeso YourFavoriteEgyptian Knirp DougJustDoug Magistrum Doran Dragon Calad Kadew
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    Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    I finally had some time to read the rest of this thread, and after reading everyone's for-the-most-part great posts, I realized I didn't know as much as I thought I did (I already knew Jirachi wasn't banned for paraflinch, but there's no doubt that boosted its versatility; most of your other...
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    and btw this is really late, but I was going to battle you, it just was a bad day and I...

    and btw this is really late, but I was going to battle you, it just was a bad day and I forgot... I'm really sorry.
  18. Torterragatr

    Gen 5 The OU Viability Ranking thread

    Is Garchomp S-rank? I am inclined to say no. Although it has a fantastic STAB combination that is walled by very few, it is very weak to scarfed dragons and other revenge killers as well as being priority weak (next person to mention Yache Berry gets shot). Thus it really does need substantial...