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  1. Isza

    Tournament MPL X - Week 3

    JeoZ > Tarre25 Floss Toadow Cielau
  2. Isza

    Tournaments RBY Boomer vs. Zoomer - Signups

    Player Name: Isza Eligibility: Zoomer Tiers Played: OU
  3. Isza

    Ty ❤️ :heart:

    Ty ❤️ :heart:
  4. Isza

    Tournament MPL X - Week 1

  5. Isza

    Non-official SV National Dex Suspect #12 - Zamazenta

    Zamazenta: Ban
  6. Isza I'm catching up :heart: I'm catching up :heart:
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  8. Isza

    Who's your favorite drill rapper?

    Who's your favorite drill rapper?
  9. Isza

    Yo just checking in, how are you bro?

    Yo just checking in, how are you bro?
  10. Isza

    Tournament MPL X - Commencement

    roxie while I can't comment on everything else you mentioned in this thread/youtube, me and many others knows how it feels to be snubbed in a tournament you care about. You're entitled to feel the way you feel like everyone else. For people that have been clowning him, you don't always know...
  11. Isza

    Tournament NDWC IV Set & Team Dump Thread

    Hello again, my name is Isza better known as Kaiser/Shali. If you're unfamiliar with me, I'm a tournament player who has enjoyed NDOU for the last 3 years. This is the 3rd year in a row winning this tournament and with my support my SS starters went for a combined 12-2 record, solidifying our...
  12. Isza

    Playoffs Smogon Tour Season 36 Playoffs - Finals

    Attribute Vert west coast players do fades, right? I wanna see beatdowns, start handing them out.
  13. Isza

    You're on my mpl team :D

    You're on my mpl team :D
  14. Isza

    Heyy what's your discord?

    Heyy what's your discord?
  15. Isza

    Tournament National Dex World Cup IV - Finals (Won by US Northeast)

    Ggs Latam + Spain, your run was impressive and you guys showed your strength as competitors. Hope to see you all in this NDPL :pimp: I was originally not going to sign up to manage this year. Between my horrible tiebreak game in NDPL and my bad streak this spl [0-4] I didn't want to play...
  16. Isza

    Extension works, add me on cord @ shalisza

    Extension works, add me on cord @ shalisza