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  1. realiti


    low prio/sub
  2. realiti

    OC [Multifaction] Radical Mafia: One Piece (Won by Radicals, Zorbees, Gmax, and Mekkah)

    Strawhat friends probably struck a deal with evil pirates
  3. realiti

    [Semi-OC] Big City Mafia 2 - Signups

    low prio
  4. realiti

    Big Mafia Mafia 3 - Game Over, Big City + A Fairy + Ditto Win!

    I had an extremely fun experience, thank you US for hosting and resolving the entire game on your own. It's cool to see the Smogon mafia revival last longer than one game Thank you to the oldies for carrying Big City and thank you Laurel/Celever/JALMONT for entertaining me in the first half of...
  5. realiti

    Invitation to the Mafia Championship (Season 11)

    I vote Clouds for the two-peat