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  1. yohoE

    Smogon Premier League XII - Week 9

    jokes on you dummy. dice is 100% smarter than you and probably 87% of the time is the smartest in the room. he literally doesn’t need to test as he has predictive powers. one time in a league of legends game he was shielding himself from my abilities before i even threw them out. he’s a...
  2. yohoE

    Finals Smogon Premier League X - Finals [Won by the Alpha Ruiners]

    cmon rewey and passion u got this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yohoE

    Official Smogon Tournament XV - Round 6

    go Rewer !!! i luv u !!!
  4. yohoE

    Smogon Premier League X - Semi-Finals

    go passion !!! i luv u !!!
  5. yohoE

    The RU Open VII - Round 1

    Excuse me, I have a question. RU still open for sign-ups?
  6. yohoE

    The All Gen Tournament - Round 1

    Real intense series, well played by both
  7. yohoE

    Tournament RUPL WEEK 1

    passion frickin OWNS!!!!
  8. yohoE

    Tournament Ubers Premier League V - Manager Signups

    Bio: not qualified for the position. i have a fantastic eye for hidden talent! no prior experience in managing. Commitment: ya xd genes
  9. yohoE

    Other The return of the Smogon LoL tourney

    dang thats unfortunate
  10. yohoE

    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    man the whole panel with brook and big mom was bad ass af, especially brook's pose also JINBEIIIIII
  11. yohoE

    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

  12. yohoE

    The Netflix Original Series Megathread (Please use Hide for major spoilers)

    daredevil was ballin. everyone should watch that shit. if you're turned off towards it because you saw the shitty movie with ben affleck you should delete that shit from your brain and then watch the series. jessica jones and luke cage were also rly good but not as good. the villains in...
  13. yohoE

    Other The return of the Smogon LoL tourney

    this was a really fun tournament i cant wait for the next one
  14. yohoE

    Metagame SM Ubers Sets Discussion

    i bet crolunala would be pretty awesome you should try that
  15. yohoE

    Metagame SM Ubers Sets Discussion

    haha lol
  16. yohoE

    Other The return of the Smogon LoL tourney

    ya someone pls post the logs i rly wanna see :x
  17. yohoE

    Other The return of the Smogon LoL tourney

    With the first pick i take hsa