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  1. POP POP

    Do you think you can do a blues playing Zuruzukin?
  2. Albinoloon's Sprites and Fakemon Region

    Lol, Larvik is a city in Norway!!
  3. Sableye

    Gah, I HATE Sableye. I meet them on every god damn team there is! Himmanatsu: Have we Battled? I played against a Sableye EXCACTLY like that!
  4. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Will Confusion raise Evil Eye's power?
  5. Maractus

    Add Yanakkie in that mix!
  6. Smeargle

    ^ Gear Change could be an option.
  7. Gliscor

    Why not Fly? or freeFall? ... Oh, it doesn't learn FreeFall... poop!
  8. Baokki (Fire Monkey)

    I'm considering using the three Monkeys as a gimmick defensive core. (Yanakki as Lead, Hiyakki as a supporter prhaps?, and Baokki as NP Attacker) Could that work Nice?
  9. L100 Pokemon Index

    Politoed ->
  10. L100 Pokemon Index

    Sorry, didn't notice -__- Politoed isn't taken? I'll take care of that! *Reserving Politoed if possible*
  11. L100 Pokemon Index

    May I reserve Dasutodasu (I think that's it)?
  12. Archen

    ^ Err... Sitrus heals 25%, in little cup 10 HP is like, 50% soo...
  13. Black/White Animated Sprites (update - ALL 649 FRONT SPRITES COMPLETE!)

    I use Opera, but I don't see anything wrong...
  14. Reuniclus

    Wouldn't Regeneration be great on Dual Screens? So it can set up screens more than once!
  15. Trick Room in the 5th Generation

    ^ most likely since Rankurusu outclasses it hard. Musharna is 1 point faster in TR tho. oh, and a little more Def.
  16. Trick Room in the 5th Generation

    I would guess my TR team would be something like: Mew (Lead, TR and SR setter) Shibirudon (Mixed, perhaps SubCharge) Rankurusu (TR renewer, Special sweeper) Burungeru (Special wall, TR renewer) Zuruzukin (Bulk up Physical sweeper) Now I need a cleanup poké, I want to use Shanderaa, but...
  17. Trick Room in the 5th Generation

    Ah, the rocks of course!! (forgot it was a TM in 4th gen) I will make a Trick Room team at once BW comes to Europe. (So nice we just got Mew as an event : D)
  18. Trick Room in the 5th Generation

    Reposting since noone answered. (Hope I'm not being annoying tho)
  19. Trick Room in the 5th Generation

    Would Mew be a good TR lead? something like... Mew @ Lefties Synchronize Timid/Jolly nature 252 HP/4 Def/252 Spe ~Trick Room ~U-Turn/Baton Pass ~Magic Coat ~Filler (Taunt, Roost, Super Fang) it gets a slow U-Turn/BP, and Magic Coat. Guess it would work.
  20. Zoroark

    what place in the party does Zoroark immitate?