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  1. Cenamazing

    Metagame Fallen Friends

    I like how pepole are already boxing in the "only 3 viable strategies in the metagame" before we can even play it.
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    Metagame Workshop

    That's a good point actually. Maybe some kind of incentive to use STAB moves could be added, such as the STAB move multiplier being increased to 1.75x instead of 1.5x or something. I really think it could prove to be an interesting meta, but you bring up a very good point.
  3. Cenamazing

    Metagame Workshop

    I actually really appreciate this idea! It's a very creative idea that's easy to understand while also having many different applications. I also agree with Willdbeast and his idea about how Mega-Evolution should be handled. I don't, however, agree that set-up will necessarily be weaker. As long...
  4. Cenamazing

    Metagame Workshop

    Bumping this metagame bc it's a great idea that just needs to be fleshed out a bit more. My idea is that substitute and/or protect are in need of a ban. There are so many commonly distrinured normal type set up moves, and pretty much every mon gets sub and protect. The existence of these moves...
  5. Cenamazing

    Metagame Workshop

    But at the same time, more pokemon can run stuff like Roar, Whirlwind, Haze, Taunt, Toxic, even Heal Block to break stall. I understand where you're coming from, but this meta isn't just about giving mons with 4MSS a leg up (although there will be more mons from lower tiers that could be viable...
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    Metagame Workshop

    Five Moveslot Syndrome Now, I'm no coder, so I'm going to need someone to verify whether or not this is possible before we move on. In my head, it makes perfect sense, but maybe it doesn't work in practice. Now, in my head, the way the mega-evolution or the use-z-move buttons appear in the...
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    SM OU Offensive Tapu Bulu RMT

    Hi again! The reason I'm replying to this thread again is because I've done some reasearch and come to a major conclusion about my team: Tapu Fini is far too passive and needs to be changed. I've learned that Tapu Fini is only ever used on Balance and Stall due to it's lack of momentum. Now that...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    So, I'm notrying 100% sure this classifies as a "simple question" but I've wanted It answered for a while. Now, the types of teams I'm aware of are Offense, Hyper Offense, Bulky Offense, Balance, Semi-Stall, and Stall. If I missed any, let me know. I know obvious things, like how to tell offense...
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    SM OU Mawile-Gengar Bulky Offence

    You're welcome! I hope you find success with it!
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    SM OU Mawile-Gengar Bulky Offence

    This is a pretty good team you've got here! First off, I just want you to know that you forgot to add an item to your Tangrowth set. I'm assuming it's AV, but if it isn't you need to let me know (and BTW if it isn't you should probably change it to that since the change I made kind of relies on...
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    SM OU Offensive Tapu Bulu RMT

    Thanks for the help! I'll definitely change Scald to surf, that was just an error on my part. I'm hesitant to use Lele since that's the Tapu I've disliked since launch, but I've found myself become obsessed with mons I hated in the past (*cough* Rotom-W *cough*) so I'll see how it works out...
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    SM OU Offensive Tapu Bulu RMT

    I haven't played that much 7th gen, so I was excited to start off. I watched a bit of gameplay, read up on the forums, and eventually decided it was time to make my own team. Out of all of the Tapus, Tapu Bulu was by far the most interesting to me. Tapu Lele and Tapu Koko were on practically...
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    UU Community Create-a-Team - Team #5 | Hiatus

    Keep swellow Also Keldeo Don't really feel like elaborating on that
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    Pokémon Alolan Muk

    I'm not so sure this thing will be as successful as it looks. While it's got an excellent typing and a nice attack stat, it's very slow, and ends up facing a lot of competition from Drapion. While A-Muk has a better Attack Stat and can run Curse much more effectively, it lacks the speed and raw...
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    Pokémon Mudsdale

    This was by far the most disappointing pokemon for me, honestly. I thought this thing was going to be the next Hippodown: a better, stronger ground type tank. It could have been so great, but they completely dropped the ball. It's movepool is honestly pathetic: No stealth rocks, no recovery, it...
  16. Cenamazing

    Pokémon Minior

    For some reason, while everyone else was getting hyped for the Ultra Beasts, Rowlett, and the Alolan formes, I was just really excited for this thing and Salazzle. I'm pretty excited it's actually usable in OU, and I hope it stays that way. It really is a fun mon to use, and I love the typing...
  17. Cenamazing

    Pokémon Decidueye

    When I first saw this thing's terrible stats, I thought I was going to hate it and never use it. Yet thanks to it's amazing Typing, decent speed tier, and decent bulk, it's been one of the most fun mons to use so far. Also, while I agree some of the sets should be Overgrow, I feel like people...
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    Salazzle is the new best pokemon.

    Salazzle is the new best pokemon.
  19. Cenamazing

    Gen 6 Top 10 Titans of the Ubers 6th Gen Metagame

    P-Don Because the Obvious Choice is Obvious
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    ORAS OU Sticky Web Tailwind Sweepers (Updated)

    Mixed Kyurem-B is a decent pokemon, but it doesn't outclass standard Kyurem by any means. Terravolt is only really useful for a few pokemon, and Specs Kyurem can OHKO Rotom-W anyway. Speaking of Specs, thetc main reason Kyurem is superior on this team is because it can run specs. You already...