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    Official RU Stage 7 Suspect Voting

    Pangoro: Ban Moltres: Ban
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    That thing needs to be banned...

    That thing needs to be banned...
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    Metagame RU Stage 7: Alt identification thread

    Confirming as Uppie
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    Thanks friend.

    Thanks friend.
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    Official RU Stage 6 Suspect Voting

    Pidgeotite: Ban Dragalge: Ban Serperior: Ban
  9. Tidal Waltz

    Metagame RU Stage 6: Alt Identification Thread

    Confirming as I'mAGoofyGoodra.
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    Tournament PSPL II: Group Stages Week 1

    Won in a gg against Zodiax
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    That sucks mate...

    That sucks mate...
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    Official RU Stage 3 Suspect Voting

    Zoroark: Ban Yanmega: Ban
  16. Tidal Waltz

    Metagame RU Stage 3: Alt Identification thread

    Identifying as Lord Kanga.
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    Suspect 4 Nomination Stage (read: post 49)

    1) Misdreavus 2) Pawniard 3) Unban Yanma
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    XY LC Suspect 4 (req = 1950 COIL)

    Fun times, I would like to apologize to everyone for the amount of sludge bomb poisons and other shenanigans. No seriously it's been ridiculous. Also Substitute Archen is cute.
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    Official RU Stage 15 Suspect Voting

    2 1 3 4
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    Suspect Discussion: "Hail"

    I guess I’ll give my two cents. Though a lot I want to say has already been said. Hail Offense Blizzspam, the main offenders being Glaceon, Rotom-F, Jynx and maybe a few others. Out of these Glaceon is by far the most threatening. Choice Specs Blizzard is ridiculously hard to switch in to, as...