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    One Piece (spoilers!)

  2. the pugilist

    Separating Genders

    if boogie cant talk sense into demoness, nobody can
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    Serious Sesame Street Controversy

    sesame street could learn a thing or two from steven universe
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    Serious Depression

    Matthew For real though, I've gone down a similar road, albeit in Australia which has a much better healthcare system than USA as far as I know. First thing, I would ask your university about counselling services- hopefully they should be free. Maybe you might need to go to to a psych or...
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    Separating Genders

    WTF valkyries back off, this guy has enough pain in his life.
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    trailers look real promising with a developer that has a great track record for these type of games. I mean everything is subject to change so something could go horribly awry but if it stays on track, I'm def on board.
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    Cardgame Thread (guilds of ravnica mechanics spoiled!)

    I'm not super excited myself because this is the third time we've done this dance. Shocklands are neat (again, its been done which takes some oomph out of it) and some cool cards have been spoiled. So on the fence for now, hopefully wizards can amp it up bit with a solid draft format.
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    What religion or belief system are you?

    the word of God is Timeless
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    Cardgame Thread (guilds of ravnica mechanics spoiled!)

    the good its magic the gathering - super fun game interface looks good no stupid format restrictions like what the previous mtg sim had you can draft! the wildcard system is reasonable devs are listening and actively improving the game unlike modo the bad no older format support as of now...
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    Cardgame Thread (guilds of ravnica mechanics spoiled!)

    a bunch of people on #hearthstone recently got into magic through mtga so I thought id lay out some tips for m19 draft Try to stick to 2 colours during draft otherwise you can get some really wonky manabases if you go 3 or more colours. If you have some dual lands (lands that tap for more than...
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    Serious Political and economic discussion thread

    legitmately curious why you havent packed ur bags and set up shop lets say china - they are well known to share ur thoughts on those topics!
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    chu impylin bout my boy senor pink, jimbo?
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    The Last Jedi

    finally saw it today - long story short, if you unplug ur brain you will have a great time.
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    Videogame thread

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    Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    Late but dungeon run is pretty excellent + free, so it should be fun for a while. I'd stay away from non-arena pvp unless you really take a fancy to teh game.