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  1. SadisticMystic

    April 5-7th 7* raid - Psychic Meganium

    See, the trick is to make sure you actually do die. Malamar @ Scope Lens Ability: Contrary Tera Type: Stellar EVs: enough speed to get to 197, rest in Atk/Def - Skill Swap - Superpower - Night Slash - Tera Blast Start with Skill Swap as usual. Meganium will lead with Curse in your lane, and...
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    Why the lions lose.

    The lions lose because they keep taking Gyro Balls to the face, of course.
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    February - March 7* Raids: Tera Ground Venusaur, Tera Steel Blastoise, and Tera Dragon Charizard

    Get an Air Balloon on the Hisui form and you're immune to absolutely everything, as long as you Protect on the wipe turn.
  4. SadisticMystic

    7-star Tera Ice Empoleon raid event (February 2-4/9-11)

    It would make sense to give Serperior a Stellar raid due to the added function of Tera Blast, but SV don't currently support such raids, so that would have to wait for a future patch to explicitly fix it if they have any plan to make use of it in their future event schedule.
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    7-star Tera Ice Empoleon raid event (February 2-4/9-11)

    Haze is plausible as a 0-second scripted move here, as a mercy bone against the randomness of possible Intimidate partners, but also to blunt Zacian and Zamazenta a bit.
  6. SadisticMystic

    3DS/Wii U eShop Shutdown March 27 2023 - Online Services to go offline April 2024 (Bank Excluded) The specific date of the shutdown (again, excluding Bank) has now been announced: April 9th, midnight British time.
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    SPOILERS! Indigo Disk Discussion

    Hey cool, cloning glitch. The basic premise is to find a wild Smeargle somewhere, and escort it to be near a tree. Not right up against the tree, but probably 2-3 feet away. Then engage Smeargle in a battle, and lead with a non-Imposter Ditto or a Mew with Transform. Get Smeargle to Sketch...
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    Dec 22- 25 - 7* Iron Bundle (Ice)

    Hydro Pump + Freeze-Dry, as expected, is pretty comprehensive coverage. The only Pokemon that resist both moves are Smoochum, Jynx, and Shedinja, but none of those Pokemon are in the game. Water/Ice with Thick Fat (Dewgong, Walrein) can pretend to resist both, so Dewgong is at least an option...
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    Pokemon Home 3.0 update and S/V compatibility arriving ~~May 24th~~ ~~"Soon"~~ MAY 30TH FOR REAL THIS TIME

    In addition to Freeze Shock/Ice Burn, there are four other moves that for the first time are now possible to import into Home via Smeargle sketches: Glacial Lance, Astral Barrage, Behemoth Blade, and Behemoth Bash (no Torque moves unfortunately; those are specifically marked as unsketchable...
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    What if Pokémon's base stats were all rounded to the nearest multiple of five?

    Shedinja would obviously be much better if it had 0 HP, right?
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    SPOILERS! Indigo Disk Discussion

    Three jeers for them being incredibly heavy-handed in making it impossible to protect Carmine's Sinistcha during the final Terapagos battle, no matter what combination of effects you throw out that should, by all rights, keep it safe. The damage figures are complete nonsense anyway in treating...
  12. SadisticMystic

    7-Star Raid Event: Normal Type Eevee (+ Eevee Outbreak Spawns)

    This one's pretty interesting because back in SwSh raids, the shockwave effect erased all stat changes for the player team (positive and negative), and also erased the boss's negative stats, but left the positive ones intact. Now that they've separated the two kinds of wipes in Tera Raids, each...
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    7-Star Raid Event: Normal Type Eevee (+ Eevee Outbreak Spawns)

    Some peculiarities for Eevee collectors: -The Switch can only hold eight user profiles at once. So if you wanted to catch a bunch of these, leave one unevolved, and have the rest run the gamut of evolutions, you're one profile short of having enough to do that, unless you traded with someone...
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    7-Star Raid Event: Normal Type Eevee (+ Eevee Outbreak Spawns)

    Next weekend's raid will, not H-Samurott, first we have to deal with Eevee. See, there's a tradition in Japanese to associate numbers with words, which explains a lot of the NPC uniform numbers in Sword and Shield, and it even extends to the calendar: 1121 = イイブイ = Eevee, so November...
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    November 7* Raid Event: Fire-type Typhlosion-H

    It evidently ran away from Hisui to get away from THE BEAR, only to find out...
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    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    (ignore this, got singles and doubles teams mixed up)
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    Pokémon Stadium - Best movesets for each Cup
  18. SadisticMystic

    Post Your Scarlet & Violet In-Game Teams!

    Kitakami team, after catching Ogerpon: (Since Ogerpon has to physically be on the team for the final Carmine battle, Clefable got benched for that, but that battle is pretty worthless anyway.) Basically, I started out by choosing a team of six Pokemon that were all a) in the Kitakami dex, b)...
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    3DS/Wii U eShop Shutdown March 27 2023 - Online Services to go offline April 2024 (Bank Excluded)

    The way the post-eShop "free trial" of Bank works, it's for a large number of days where only the last two digits of the day count are displayed in the app. Plotting out all the possible numbers that could come before those digits, and the days they would lead to, one of the most plausible...