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  1. Bella

    Resource PU C&C Reservation List (Read OP Before Posting!)

    dicussed w asa so taking the band tauros paldean f set too, ty
  2. Bella

    Tournaments SMPL III - Players Signups [CA Prize]

    Username: Bella Time Zone: -6 Tiers Interested in Playing: PU, LC Forseeable Inactivity: no
  3. Bella

    Quality Control Wish Scream Tail [QC: 0/2]

    there's alot to go through here so i don't want to stamp yet. ping me on discord when this is implemented.
  4. Bella

    We game for rands im -6 whens good

    We game for rands im -6 whens good
  5. Bella

    Quality Control Choice Scarf Emboar [QC 1/2] [GP 0/1]

    1/2 after implementation :heart:
  6. Bella

    Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas

    lets go with both.
  7. Bella

    Resource SV PU Viability Rankings

    Quick post to talk about Zard, few other low tiers mons, and in response to mistermath s post I don't think Charizard needs to go to UR. While yes, Sun ban does completely ruin alot of its niche, I think there's some times you can justify niche Belly Drum sets from time to time and even the...
  8. Bella

    Quality Control Choice Scarf Emboar [QC 1/2] [GP 0/1]

    make sure to change the title to QC. I wanna recheck, so this is not 1/1 yet. lmk when you implement this.
  9. Bella

    Quality Control specs goodra (0/2)

    So theres quite a bit so i wanna recheck. @ me on discord or dm me and ill recheck
  10. Bella

    Fantasy Football Punishment Ideas

    So Fantasy Football's Punishments always kind of fascinated me, and i wanted to share some ideas for the loser to do at the end of a fantasy football season and run it through Smogoff. IDEAS: Bottom 2 at the end of the season have to get legally married until the start of the next Fantasy...
  11. Bella

    Copyediting Choice Band Flamigo [QC: 2/2] [GP: 0/1]

    GP Team yo
  12. Bella

    Quality Control then... the fire nation attacked (Paldean Tauros-F) [QC: 0/2]

    [SET] name: Bulk Up move 1: Bulk Up move 2: Close Combat move 3: Flare Blitz move 4: Trailblaze / Stone Edge / Substitute item: Leftovers / Heavy-Duty Boots ability: Intimidate nature: Jolly evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe tera type: Grass / Electric [SET COMMENTS] Although it suffers...
  13. Bella

    Resource PU C&C Reservation List (Read OP Before Posting!)

    Tauros-Paldea-F (Bulk Up + Scarf) please and ty
  14. Bella

    Copyediting Choice Scarf Staraptor [QC: 2/2] [GP: 0/1]

    GP Team hiii
  15. Bella

    Quality Control jorts (dd scrafty) (qc 1/2)

    1/2 after this, good job!
  16. Bella

    Quality Control Galarian Slowbro (Assault Vest) [QC: 1/2]

    2/2, nice work
  17. Bella

    Metagame np: Stage 9: Teenage Riot (Toxtricity remains UNBANNED)

    Hello hello haiiii I wanted to revive this thread in preperation for PUPL so here's Bella's fun little opinions on the state of the hazard metagame in the meta! First, lets take a look at some of the (good) entry hazard setters. Stealth Rock: :Bronzong: :Coalossal: :Duraludon: :Gastrodon...
  18. Bella

    Copyediting Milotic [QC: 2/2] [GP: 0/1]

    1/2 good job!
  19. Bella

    Quality Control bu scrafty (qc 1/2)

    1/2 good job!
  20. Bella

    PU Galarian Slowbro [GP 0/1]

    alright not 1/1 yet since theres alot that needs to be fixed. dm me on disc or ping me in smogcord when you got this done