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  1. PkmnTrainerRod

    Challenge 4th Generation Battle Facilities Discussion and Records

    Ladies and Gentleman, I just lost a 200 streak in Tower Doubles because of an unexpected crash (I'm crying inside fr.) Here's my Team btw. Disquake Team Modified by me Garchomp @ Choice Scarf Ability: Sand Veil Level: 50 EVs: 156 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SpD / 92 Spe Adamant Nature -...
  2. PkmnTrainerRod

    Battle Maison Discussion & Records

    Blazing Through the Blue Flames: A Charizard - X Maison Doubles Team Report Buckle Up everyone! This is going to be a veeeeeeeery loooooong post. And I’ll greatly appreciate if you read this from start to finish! Introduction Greetings! I am PkmnTrainerRod, posting a completed streak of 418...
  3. PkmnTrainerRod

    Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Zing Zap! – MaruMence Team Report (148 Streak) Greetings! This is PkmnTrainerRod (again). Posting another team report of my new personal record of 148 streak in Battle Tree Super Doubles with MaruMence. - Teambuilding Process (STORY) - After losing my Charizard Y team that reached 140 streak...
  4. PkmnTrainerRod

    Battle Tree Discussion and Records

    Charizard Y Strikes Back Again! (A tribute to my best buddy in Competitive Pokemon: Charizard - Y) Greetings! My name is PkmnTrainerRod. This is my very first post in Smogon and I will finally share to you my report of my Battle Tree Super Doubles team! NOTE: This is a well-documented team...