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  1. Gibus

    Resource SV OU Bazaar

    Man your team is incredible, thank you so much. Tauros really is a defensive monster and Tera Water Hatterenne makes the rain matchup a joke.
  2. Gibus

    SS OU TAPU BULU BO– peaked #96,1850+ (anti rain, anti stall, anti landorus-t!)

    blaze kick Zeraora isn't really good imo, doesn't bring anything to the team + misses. CC is infinitely better.
  3. Gibus

    Resource SwSh OU Bazaar

    Life orb mixed pult would be better i think, with like shadow ball fire blast dragon darts and Hpump to lure landos
  4. Gibus

    SS OU Extreme HO Team (1400+ on ladder) (Could use some advice)

    I agree hawlucha seems good here
  5. Gibus

    Gen 8 GRASS SPAM - PEAKED #1, 1972 ft. Swampert, Bisharp

    Thanks for the team it's very fun to play with
  6. Gibus

    SS OU Nidoking Bulky Offense

    Maybe mandibuzz instead of dragonite to check ghost types ? This would also ease the macthup against sd chomp, because atm if clef is weakened it breaks through quite easily
  7. Gibus


  8. Gibus

    SS OU Porrada Violenta - BO Conkeldurr + 3 Pivots/ PedroGrug TOP 1 SS OU Ladder PEAK

    This team is fire, thanks for sharing it !!
  9. Gibus

    Resource SS OU Good Cores

    Is there a good offensive partner for Hydreigon that isn't Dragapult ?
  10. Gibus

    Project SS OU Teambuilding Lab [closed]

    How do you play with a team in which the fastest mon is weavile ?
  11. Gibus

    SS OU Protox Melmetal + Specs Dragapult Offense

    I tried your team and it's fire ! I haven't faced one yet but I think it struggles with Heatran. Why not put Superpower or High Horsepower instead of Wood Hammer on Rillaboom ? I've never really understood why it is recommended to use wood hammer on Rilla since GG is already a strong grass move...
  12. Gibus

    Project SS OU Teambuilding Lab [closed]

    Hi, requesting a team with Dracozolt please
  13. Gibus

    Resource SwSh OU Bazaar

    Hi, how does the first team deals with clef ? Looks like insta loose against it to me, even more with calm mind clef