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  1. Tournament (Custom Avatar Prize) VGC PL III Player Signups!

    Name: Jude Lee Relevant Social Media: @maGicaUraVGC on twitter Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 18, 19, Series 7-12, Regulation A-C Bio: I practice vgc a lot and i like to perfect my play on certain teams and stick to them throughout the season. I won a lot of online...
  2. (Custom Avatar Prize) Smogon VGC Winter League II - Player Signups

    Name: Jude Relevant Social Media: @maGicaUraVGC (twitter), マギカウラ#3195 Teamsheet Preference (noted above): Open Bio: Some good results online, hoping to learn more about the meta and have connections broadened
  3. Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

    Name: Jude Relevant Social Media: Yes Formats played: From vgc 18 onwards
  4. Smogon VGC Charity Event #1

    Username on pokemon showdown: El nino vgc 21 Battlefy Username: マギカウラ
  5. Smogon VGC Winter League - Player Signups

    Name: Jude Lee Formats played: VGC s11, s9, s8, 2019 Timezone: GMT+8 Free every day 22nd place top cut day 1 of liberty note championship series 3rd place asia players cup No.1 on ladder a lot both in showdown and cart Top cut vr s11 challenge