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  1. Free every sunday and Monday nights eastern time zone.

    Free every sunday and Monday nights eastern time zone.
  2. PU PU Summer Seasonal - Round 1

    calling activity
  3. PU PU Summer Seasonal - Round 1

    contacted and still no reply
  4. Do you have a job?

    My work history was sketchy to say the least. When i first started things off 1all I ever wanted to do was to join the USMC, tried it and my knee blew apart horribly (along time ago) feel into harder substances on my way home cause no one I thought would care, no direction in life or a car3e in...
  5. Apprentice Program: Round 111

    Username:thetri Po/PS: theTri Timezone- Eastern Tier: UU/Ubers About me: Been playing comp since gen 4 (sandstorm HO) But feel out of the game after BW due to problems with life. I work as a voulenteer for children with mental handicaps and as a cook at a 4 star resturant. I have every sunday...
  6. Gen 6 Creative / Underrated Ubers Sets: v4 (Gimmicks not welcome)

    Hello everyone The set I present to you is to go against the standard geo-god pokemon as well as give a great lead not named primal groudon. Jirachi @ Mental Herb Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 212 HP / 100 Atk / 152 SpD / 44 Spe Careful Nature - Stealth Rock - Thunder Wave - Iron Head...
  7. Hearthstone [IRC Channel #Skillstone]

    I wouldnt say priest is the worst class as I run the Velen combo and do just fine with it on ladder. The problem with priest nowadays is they dont change how they play aginst the shamans and zoo and are usally just dead in the water.
  8. ORAS Ubers Blaziken Balance

    7/10 for the team one quick suggestion -eq on arceus + shadowclaw (for giratina-0).
  9. ORAS Ubers RMT: Mega Mewtwo X - HO

    Hi I do like your team but after laddering with it for alittle bit I came across acouple of problems that can be fixed. 1.)Geoxern is fine but for the HO build that your running your far better off with Choice Scarf set which is a simple one Xerneas @ Choice Scarf Ability: Fairy Aura EVs...