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  1. [VGC] Sandstorm 2014

    People who know me are aware that Sandstorm is my favorite strategy, and has been my style ever since the very start of the VGC series in New York. When the rules for VGC 2014 were confirmed, naturally this was the first strategy for me to experiment. I was sad to hear that Excadrill was not...
  2. VGC 2014 Rules

    Well, there goes my favorite Excadrill & Friends team. Please tell me that they forgot to include that special Pokemon are banned, otherwise Mewtwo will be an asshole to deal with.
  3. What did you think of the new system?

    This was definitely the best format so far, despite what I hear others are saying. I lost my first round but was able to win five in a row to finish 5-1. In the previous format, I would have been angry and bored while waiting for my dad to finish so that we could go home without waiting for the...
  4. VGC '12 Updates: November 13th Regionals

    I am really curious about the other Sandstorm player that got third. I was able to recover after losing first round but I could get so far with 7th. :( If only it was a top8. It was nice meeting everyone and I will look forward to Philly.
  5. Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Summer Edition II

    Add me in The siding style for DN sounds so silly and annoying. You should include YVD as an optional choice.
  6. EE's 2011 Newark/VGC warstory

    It is also important not to get used to setting your Pokemon's HP to percentages like I was doing because knowing the actual numbers of your Pokemon's HP can be important.
  7. EE's 2011 Newark/VGC warstory

    For those interested, my dad included the battle video code to my first round battle in his opening post. I will also include it here: 56-38280-23481. Next time when I play at the LCQ in San Diego, I better study my damage calculations because my lack of knowledge in knowing that Gross Knot on...
  8. Excadrill (Analysis)

    Excadrill's Speed EVs should be maxed so that it can out-speed Jellicent, (Modest) Chandelure, Krookidile, and other Pokémon that would otherwise be out-sped without speed increase factored in due to Tailwind. Chople Berry is also the most important item on Excadrill because Fighting moves are...
  9. Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Round 3

    Waiting on sixonesix to contact me for the round. I recently sent a VM to him.
  10. Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Round 2

    Won against blarajan, good games.
  11. Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Round 2

    I have been having trouble getting in contact with Blarajan because he is not contacting me by IM like I told him to.
  12. Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Round 1

    Won against T-BoneBarnes
  13. Smogon's VGC 2011 Tournament Round 1

    Submitted team and sent a VM to my opponent
  14. VGC11 Locations & Dates Announced!

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Providence, RI June 18 - 19 Pokemon VGC June 18th, Newark, NJ - Meadowlands Exposition Center I am very enraged
  15. Shinkou's Sandstorm

    The problem about Accelgor is that it will not help much at all after it sets up the Sandstorm. Crustle on the other hand has a Sturdy ability to ensure that it will be alive to set up the Sandstorm and benefits from the Special Defense boost. Crustle is also good against Trick Room teams due to...
  16. Shinkou's Sandstorm

    I have not play tested for VCG 2011 for a while and recently got back into playing it more. I always liked the Sandstorm theme and wanted to try it out for this year’s VGC despite Tyranitar and Hippowdon not legal for the event. I have made some changes throughout the beginning when the rules...
  17. Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 3

    I won against XtrEEmMaShEEn3k2
  18. Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 3

    I will be waiting on AIM or MSN but will also check out the IRC channel from time to time. About time this round started lol.