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  1. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 34 - Art Poll 2

    Gravity Monkey StephXPM Chillie
  2. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 33 - Part 9 - Sprite Submissions

    Final Submission What is supporting material?
  3. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 33 - Art Poll 3

    Yokaiju Gravity Monkey Quanyails
  4. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 33 - Art Poll 1

    Pinesmoke Gravity Monkey BlorengeRhymes Bloopyghost Sgt.Moose EnderTrenton Chillie Yokaiju Quanyails Golurkyourself StephXPM
  5. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 33 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission It is a fish... bowl? A fishbowl fish.
  6. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 4

    BlorengeRhymes Modedit: Fixing ballot format.
  7. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 3

    BlorengeRhymes StephXPM Yokaiju
  8. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 2

    StephXPM BlorengeRhymes Golurkyourself Sgt.Moose Yokaiju Gravity Monkey
  9. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 32 - Art Poll 1

    BlorengeRhymes KaenSoul StephXPM Sunfished Quanyails Golurkyourself BobKingOfSeagulls JAGFL BaffleTome Sgt.Moose Yokaiju pecanbegone lucasgvc Gravity Monkey paintseagull Shadowshocker Amamama Bloopyghost
  10. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission
  11. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 32 - Art Submissions

    WIP It is a crab cake crab cake! This iteration at least is doomed if we decided to go special but heres hoping.
  12. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 31 - Art Poll 3

  13. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 30 - Art Poll 1

    Sgt.Moose Sunfished paintseagull Amamama Unsee Pipotchi Quanyails Golurkyourself A_Magical_Liopleurodon DarkFairy StephXPM
  14. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 30 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission 30b 30i Supporting Material Held Item Oh hi. After skipping last one, I am back with my humble little design. It is a spider-ufo with poisonous goop. Form change makes it flip, so I chose the item to be a gyroscope, I guess that fits.
  15. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 29 - Art Poll 2

    Pinesmoke Quotidian
  16. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 28 - Art Poll 2

    StephXPM BlorengeRhymes Gravity Monkey Quanyails
  17. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 28 - Art Poll 1

    Sgt.Moose StephXPM BlorengeRhymes Quanyails Stitch98 Sunfished Gravity Monkey
  18. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 28 - Part 7 - Secondary Ability Poll 2

    No Competitive Ability Compound Eyes Thick Fat
  19. Sgt.Moose

    CAP 28 - Art Submissions

    Final Submission Design based on sewer crocodile (though I guess in the stories they were alligators, but Killer Croc lives in a sewer still!) and a cockroach. Gas justification comes from a sewer. No secondary ability will stop it, cockroaches are the epitomy of evolution and will survive...
  20. Sgt.Moose

    CAP27 - Art Poll 4

    Gravity Monkey