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  1. TPO3

    Tournament (Custom Avatar Prize) VGC PL III Player Signups!

    Name: TPO3 Relevant Social Media: Twitter: @TPO3_ Discord: TPO3#1990 Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2023 Reg C, VGC 2018. Can do 2019 Ultra in a pinch Bio: Goat of losing win-and-in matches at regionals
  2. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2019 Ultra Series Viability Rankings

    I agree with all of these. Ditto doesn't have the tournament results yet, but I feel like it's only a matter of time. As small of a niche as it has, you have to respect it when you see it in teambuilder, and the potential for 3 restricteds in a match means it has a very high ceiling. The other...
  3. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings [Moon Series Update]

    What would be thoughts on pushing Xerneas up to S-rank? Yes, it takes up a restricted slot, and yes, it needs support to work. On the other hand, it has taken 15 out of 16 spots in top cut at the first 2 large events of the year, and it's the centerpiece to several archetypes that function...
  4. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings [Moon Series Update]

    TBH C+ or C might be a safer rank for it right now, at least until major tournaments happen. In terms of tournament results, Ninetales did manage to nab a top 8 spot in the Zelda VGC Moon Series challenge, which featured a couple of top VGC players. (Only large-ish moon series tournament that's...
  5. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings [Moon Series Update]

    I agree with most of those, the only one I don't agree as much with is Yveltal. Yveltal is a great mon that can serve as a reliable check to a lot of the best mons in VGC, but A+ seems a bit high. IDK if I'd put it on the same level as mons like Kyogre and Xerneas. It's weak to or resisted by...
  6. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings [Moon Series Update]

    Thoughts on Solgaleoo -> B? On first glance it seems like a worse version of Dusk Mane Necrozma, but Solgaleo's got a couple of options that make better in some circumstances. Solgaleo's speed tier allows it to outrun the base 90-95 speed tier which contains a decent chunk of the restricted...
  7. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2019 Viability Rankings [Moon Series Update]

    Drifblim: D -> C Unburden + Seed is still really good; something Drifblim never had access to in a GS Cup format. As far as tailwind mons go, Drifblim's support movepool is second to none, and a lot of these options are arguably more relevant in GS Cup format than they were in VGC 17/18. It...
  8. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2018 Viability Rankings

    Would you be willing to expand on this a little bit? Hitmontop carries Wide Guard and is a stronger answer specifically to Kartana but aside from these niches, I don't see much of a reason to pick it over Scrafty. I get that it isn't x4 weak to Fairy, but realistically this only matters against...
  9. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2018 Viability Rankings

    I haven't seen any. VGC 17 had a shortage of good poison-types, but this year doesn't have the same problem. (Mega Gengar, Naganadel, Nidoking, etc.) I think its claim to fame in the past has been that it's been a soft check to a lot of the top threats at the same time (tapus, p2, etc.) while...
  10. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2018 Viability Rankings

    I'm on-board with this nomination. Electrium Z/Life Orb Koko have been a top-notch threat since pretty much the beginning of the season, and the ability to Volt Switch for chip damage while simultaneously setting it up to win the terrain war is a strength that none of the other tapus can claim...
  11. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2018 Viability Rankings

    I would agree with the sentiment that Gothitelle and Mega Manectric are due for a rise. Both of them have become essential parts of cores that have their own little niche in the metagame. I've seen a lot of Fini/Steela/MegaMan cores running around on PS and it's honestly a fairly difficult core...
  12. TPO3

    SM UU Viability Ranking Thread Mark Three

    Definitly agree with eht here. After laddering with based sunfish for the last set of reqs, I saw Alomomola's usefulness on a lot of teams. It walls pretty much any unboosted physical attacker, and threatens to burn the ones that setup on it. It also has use on more than just stall teams - I've...
  13. TPO3

    Official SM UU Stage 3 Voting

    Xurkitree: Ban
  14. TPO3

    Why is an outdated pic of satan ur avatar

    Why is an outdated pic of satan ur avatar
  15. TPO3

    np: SM UU Stage 3 - Now Or Never

    I've been observing this discussion a lot but I didn't want to make any posts until I had gotten a solid amount of games in myself. On ladder, I played the majority of my games using the stall team Moutemoute posted above. (Triple water is sick, btw.) After playing all of my games and seeing...
  16. TPO3

    UU Stage 3 Alt Identification Thread

    Confirming as TPO3
  17. TPO3

    Resource VGC 2017 Viability Rankings (Currently Outdated)

    I mean, you're not "wrong." Muk by itself isn't the "counter." One-on-one it doesn't beat p2, sure. But any teammate muk has is going to deal significantly more damage with Eviolite gone. (I.e. Timid LO Koko 2HKOing with Tbolt, and Jolly Garchomp Tec Rage doing upwards of 80%) So while Muk isn't...
  18. TPO3

    VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    Has anybody been testing Flyinium Z on Gyarados with the Bounce event being released? I've tried testing it on showdown for a while. I've found it to be not as great as I was hoping. The Z-move is has been ok, but mostly I've been frustrated being stuck with just Bounce instead of Ice Fang or...
  19. TPO3

    VGC 17 Discussion Thread

    Not sure if SQSA is better for this question, but I"ll ask it here: How do you guys justify using mons completely for support on your teams? As somebody who's just picking VGC up, when I'm teambuilding, most of the time my thought process is something like "Wow I'm weak to Kartana... maybe I...