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  1. toinha

    SM OU Mega Scizor Bulky Offense Team #Peaked1793 in ladder

    Hi guys... i don't speak english very well, but i will try to do this article today. plz, Rate my team, see this post. well, the Central idea of this team is try to build around Scizor-Mega. All i do it's build arround it. The Team: Scizor-Mega @ Scizorite Ability: Light Metal EVs: 248 HP /...
  2. toinha

    SM OU Mega Scizor team peaked 1730 ladder

    Hey guys, i'm posting this team right here right now because i want your opnion about this team. I never post something like that in smogon, and i don't speak english very well, so, i'm using google translator in most part of the words, sorry for that. Well, the idea for the creation of this...