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  1. [BIG] League of Legends Mafia - GG Village Wins

    sub me out scotty
  2. Fuck The Animals

    this is hilarious yet somewhat disturbing
  3. [BIG] League of Legends Mafia - GG Village Wins

    Same, it's been hard for me to get on IRC lately. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Magic: The Gathering

    I went twice, playing both Standard and 2HG with a friend. Neither of us won anything either time, but I got some logs from our 3 2HG games. I picked Izzet, he went with Azorius-splash-Selesyna. Nobody could do anything against us. Our team name was Thopter Assembly because I went over to a...
  5. what is your favorite movie?

    Inception and The Princess Bride are tied in my mind.
  6. Space Western Mafia

    sbahj is the greatest thing hussie ever did
  7. Space Western Mafia

    Dammit I saved all that money for nothing. Could you at least tell us who the top 4 DOLLAR holders were?
  8. favorite spongebob moment/quote/scene POST HERE ITT

    anything that comes out of mermaidman's mouth in incredibly quotable "Remember kids, nobody can arrest you for reading!"
  9. Hey, can I be a sub for LoL Mafia?

    Hey, can I be a sub for LoL Mafia?
  10. favorite spongebob moment/quote/scene POST HERE ITT

  11. Covers

    did somebody say A CAPPELLA COVERS No, but I'm seriously almost addicted to them. My favorites: UGA Accidentals: Use Somebody Straight No Chaser: Haven't Met You Yet Pitch Slapped: Breakeven On The Rocks: Watching Over Me On A Boat: Forget You
  12. [BIG] League of Legends Mafia Signups

    yeah put me in please
  13. things that scared you as a CHILD

    When I was 6 the Dinosaur ride at Disneyworld's Animal Kingdom scared me shitless, which was surprising because I loved the movie.
  14. Magic: The Gathering

    Hey so new Rakdos is spoiled, and the rape is strong with this one. This might actually make Rakdos a playable guild, I'm sure RDW, if they can manage to splash black, would love this.
  15. Space Western Mafia

    Lynch Slim Guido gain some weight
  16. Magic: The Gathering

    No Jin-Gitaxias? Shame on you. :P Anyways, I play BU Zombie beat down, and I may post a deck list pretty soon. I'm going to get the Izzet-Golgari duel deck today and slaughter it to appease my other decks, U Control, RG Eldrazi, and Niv-Mizzet EDH.
  17. Space Western Mafia

    Lynch porygon3
  18. Space Western Mafia

    Lynch Jalmont