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  1. Raven's Nest - rav3n_zero's Trade Thread [OPEN]

    Hey i would like the adamant natured poocheyena if you dont mind. Welll first i have to wait for your thread to reopen XD
  2. Smogon Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament Winter Edition: Round 1

    i would like too join.
  3. Smogon Tournament #7 - Round 1

    How do i join the tournament?
  4. Ask an Uber Question, Get an Uber Answer

    Hello,heres my question. Can anyone help me make a good ubers team?
  5. A New Challenger Approaches!

    Hello,I was wondering if anybody could help a noob like me with the concepts of wifi battling and team building. Because i am really new to wifi battling so i really need some expert advice on this. Well guys if yall can just send me a message and tell me cause i seriously need some help,but...