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  1. Ebrake.

    Pokémon Magearna

    Im gonna abuse da shet out of dis mon. Man-made mons are my favorite >:D
  2. Ebrake.

    Pokémon Porygon-Z

    Porygon-Z, My favorite mon since gen 4 is finally getting the respect it deserves
  3. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU Used this team for aaaaaaaages and looking to improve.

    Nice team here. I love the Heatran pic. I see that Stealthrocks can be a problem to your team since MAndi is weal to it and they break Brelooms sash.Also Thundurus also seems to be able to do a number on your team. For this reason I recomend you switch Mandibuzz with Latias or Latios these mons...
  4. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU Main Team (Progress)

    Hello I recomend giving Mew defog to deal with hazards as they hurt Volcanion and overtime they can be the difference between surviving an attack or not
  5. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU Fresh Start to Pokemon

    Your Team looks pretty good. The only thing i can think of that would give you a hard time (Besides scarf T-Tar like you said) Might be the Volt-Turn core of Mega-Manectric and LAndorus-Therian but Azumarill can do a pretty good job of dealing with it by using Aquajet+waterfall to wear them down...
  6. Ebrake.

    Life is a game,You just gotta know how to play it

    Life is a game,You just gotta know how to play it
  7. Ebrake.

    Project OU Community Create a Team | COMPLETED (see p. 22, post #545)

    Jirachi ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) Rachi can handle many threats
  8. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU Trying to build around Zangoose... oh goodness

    Hello. Seeing your team from a 'glance' i can see that after a sword dance Talonflame demolishes your team and weavile can be a bitch for your team to deal with aswell so i recommend taking out Mew for a defensive rotom-w and although yes Xatu is a great magic bouncer( i have experience using...
  9. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU How Deep Is Your Love ORAS OU Chatot Team ( Peaked 1513) This is HEAT!!

    Is the team so perfect that nobody has feedback for it 0.o? Bump.
  10. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU How Deep Is Your Love ORAS OU Chatot Team ( Peaked 1513) This is HEAT!!

    You guys may know me or my alts (Arc V Shun/The New Yorker) on PS and i have a perfectly good grasp on the meta and whats viable/not. Hear me out tho, I wanted to make a Chatot team because imo Chatot can be a fun mon to use. I went 10wins 2losses with this team (Not even joking) and i felt the...
  11. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU 1st Post/1st Competitive Team

    Hmmm..... You said that you usually use blaziken (which is banned) or ESPeon (Its not in the RMT :/) so yeah. Also i would always go with timid gardevoir always because (sadly) in competitive battlin 100 bass speed is slow. For Haxorus I would go lum berry instead because now you got the same...
  12. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU RMT: Mega-Metagross Offense [Peak 1387] [First RMT!]

    -EQ on meta +Grass Knot for those annoying Hippos Instead of conkeldur i would run magnezone to trap skarm and ferro 2 things that can kill your vibe.
  13. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU Rate/Help with OU Team

    I recomend removing Defog on scizor and replacing it with knock off; why 2 defoggers? Also for azu i would use 252HP 252Atk and 4 speed. Althought this is just personal preference i would use choice band/Belly Drum since your team appears to be more offense oriented. Also once the threats are...
  14. Ebrake.

    Project What's His Last? V4 (Round 24 Voting Phase: Semi-Stall)

    I agree with iloveleague starmie is able to synergize with the rest of the team while being a check to your checks ^ Starmie also has the bulk to help the opponent at bay and scald can help cripple the opponent while RS helps keep hazards away. Also some people might think its offensive starmie...
  15. Ebrake.

    im following you now mang

    im following you now mang
  16. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU My Porygon-Z Team (Peaked 1480 and climbing)

    I realized skarm was waliing me once rotom was gone and stall was a problem so i switched m-lop to mega medicham and now i made it to 1513 :D
  17. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU Need help! First time approach Competitive and Team Building

    Hey xCoreyx i recomend changing scizors evs to 252 atk and 252 hp 6 sp.def and with life orb for more bulk and instead of pursuit you could run defog on it to help you with hazards. i recomend changing pursuit b/c if your locked in pursuit you lose momentum and are forced to switch if the...
  18. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU My Porygon-Z Team (Peaked 1480 and climbing)

    Hi KidMagic thanks for the advice i'll definitely try out the mons you told me to replace. Im a little eh about the scarf on Porygon-z because i lose power but ill definitely try it out. So yeah thanks! Moderator : This was your bump
  19. Ebrake.

    General Introduce yourself!

    Hi Fluke :) yeah it is pronounced E-brake! I mostly just play OU and sometimes ill even play some UU. So yeah thanks for welcoming me and my name on PS is Ebrake. (with the period lol) if you ever wanna battle.
  20. Ebrake.

    ORAS OU My Porygon-Z Team (Peaked 1480 and climbing) heres a replay of the team and how it does in an OU battle I forgot to mention that i struggle with talon flame and zard-x after a ddance. Also megagross is kind of annoying to deal with.