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  1. STAB STABmons

    Oh coil and Mortal Spin is what i’ve missed thank you
  2. STAB STABmons

    I don’t actually play the tier but i was a bit curious what does peacharunt do that skeledirge doesn’t besides being immune to poison abd gave 5 more attack?
  3. I dropped last week didn’t I?

    I dropped last week didn’t I?
  4. Gen 3 RoA Spotlight Tournament: ADV RU [Winner POST #175]

    Why didn’t you predict my match in particular :(
  5. Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion v2 [Update on Post #5186]

    Priority moves are balanced out by having low base power something that ursaluna’s headlong rush does not lack and you are dealing with bulky wallbreakers fragile scarfers that outspeed and kill everything but are kept in check by gambit’s sucker punch