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  1. DarkingDazzle

    ORAS NU Scepyroar Balance (Peak 7, 1578)

    Hey TTFTW, a nice team there. I would just like to add a minor change to swap clear smog over haze on weezing and toxic spikes or taunt over sludge bomb.
  2. DarkingDazzle

    Currently in darkness

    Currently in darkness
  3. DarkingDazzle

    ORAS UU Crocodile and Lizard

    Thanks for your help :). I'm gonna steal some RMT's now and post mine later.
  4. DarkingDazzle

    ORAS UU Crocodile and Lizard

    INTRODUCTION Welcome to my 1st RMT! I decided to make a balanced team using Krookodile's ability to become a late game cleaner.The main goal of this team is to kill physical walls using Sceptile-Mega and Rotom-H and then sweep using krookodile with a few moxie boosts.But seeing how Sceptile...
  5. DarkingDazzle

    Old Name and Profile Change Requests

    Can someone pls change my name to DarkingDazzle? Want my smogon name same as PS name. k - oglemi