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    Team Fortress 2 - The Official Discussion Thread

  2. Vampy34

    Team Fortress 2 - The Official Discussion Thread

    Well you can get the Gibus if you dominate someone who is wearing it, so there is still hope! (unless you are a terrible, terrible player)
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    Team Fortress 2 - The Official Discussion Thread

    So, who is excited about the Halloween update? :D Should be going live later tonight!
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    Anyone hear about that six year old boy and the hotair balloon?

    Got to love it when news networks spend a whole day talking about something like this =/
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    Team Fortress 2 - The Official Discussion Thread

    What I have played of the new update is awesome. King of the Hill is tons of fun, and I can see myself playing it for long, long time. However, there are a few bugs that I have experienced, the most noticeable is that I can't change the model detail/quality setting in the Video options menu. Its...
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    MAFIA FOREVER - Postgame

  7. Vampy34

    Swine flu hitting everywhere

    It may be spreading quickly, but that is just a consequence of living in a densely populated world connected by fast transportation. Besides, unless you are really, really old, or really, really young (or have cancer or w/e), you have nothing to worry about.
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    Partner Mafia - Signups

    In as experienced I suppose
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    Watchmen movie discussion thread

    Alright so I just got back from seeing it with my dad, and I must say, the movie was done just about as well as it could have been done. I'm absolutely amazed by how faithful it was the book. My Dad, who went into the movie knowing nothing at all about the story or the characters, came out of...
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    Dragonball Z Mafia Postgame

    completely agree Fucked and stolen from (lost a dragonball) N0, Fucked again N1. I was stolen from again and lost the Dragon Radar (meh). Before dying, (whatever night/day that was) I only got one inspection done :( at first i cbb to do this but here it is: Grats to Av and all the other...
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    Team Fortress 2 - The Official Discussion Thread

    mhmmm I love me some scout update
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    The Simpsons Mafia - Signups

    If by any chance there is still space, I'd like to play/get in on the subs list please :)
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    Dragonball Z Mafia

    itt games unluckiest player
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    Total War

    Notice he said "grand stratagy", meaning controlling thousands of units at a time. Also, you have clearly never played a Total War game if you think that SC has more depth (not that it is not a deep game)
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    Solar Cars vs. Electric Cars vs. Gasoline Cars

    The problem with Hybrids is that all the production models available today only get fuel saving mileage if you do a lot of city driving. Otherwise they get about the same MPG as a normal vehicle =/ Of course they are getting better all the time, but the best bet would be to get away from...
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    81st Oscar Nominations

    The Dark Knight was good, but not Best Picture good imo The rest of your predictions are pretty much what i would guess as well, although I prefer Mickey Rourke to Sean Penn for best actor.
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    Dragonball Z Mafia

    Brain: Greatest Youtuber
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    Paging Surgo: Wheel of Time Video Game Announced by Red Eagle Games + EA Partners

    I really don't like the sounds of this, while at the same time, my inner fanboy is screaming out YES! I really hope that Red Eagle games can take something as rich and full as the Wheel of Time and compress it into something like a game.
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    Total War

    I've had Medieval II for almost three months now, and I am only on my second long campaign. This game is just too good, although I find cavalry to be more finicky then in Rome Total War, and assaulting castles much more annoying. Other then that, amazing game :)