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  1. Mr.Ganon

    Sketchmons ORAS - Diggersby and Shell Smash Banned!

    Mew @ Mental Herb Ability: Synchronize EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD Bold Nature - Block - Imprison - Transform - Taunt It is quite possible that this set is just unviable and stupid, but it hardcounters any stall poke ever, you can use roost over taunt if you don't care about...
  2. Mr.Ganon

    Stat Switch [Azumarill+Regice Banned]

    OMG furfrou max defense fur coat 666 defense ... ... Vivillion has been replaced as the devil
  3. Mr.Ganon

    ORAS Ubers Trapped!

    IMO lum berry is better for e-killer than LO but good team otherwise that's kinda minor
  4. Mr.Ganon

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    sorry, I forgot to get a replay, but the format was OU and his level was 100
  5. Mr.Ganon

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    my landorus-therian used u-turn against an Eelektross, not air balloon, and ohkoed it. I did the calcs and 252 Atk Landorus-T U-turn vs. 0 HP / 0- Def Eelektross: 132-156 (47.1 - 55.7%) -- 77.7% chance to 2HKO. that is with no evs or ivs in hp or defense and a negative nature.
  6. Mr.Ganon

    Choonmons [Version δ]

    porygon-z and MAmpharos look really good, but might be outclassed by pikachu forms? idk. just electric types in general look good.
  7. Mr.Ganon

    Choonmons [Version δ]

    is there anywhere to share replays/sets?
  8. Mr.Ganon

    CAP 19 CAP 19 - Part 11 - Sprite Poll 1

    Quanyails HeaLnDeal all better than anything I could ever do though
  9. Mr.Ganon

    Show off your funny and/or amazing battles here! that hax tho...
  10. Mr.Ganon

    Haxmons (Playable on Aqua) subpunch is sorta legit if your opponent doesn't think to switch at the right times (btw this team was kinda thrown together and I know it is bad)
  11. Mr.Ganon

    XY NU Dun Sleep On Scyther...

    tried this out, my first NU battle: who says scizor is bad? I'm not sure how I beat that Unown it really would have screwed my over if it was scarf with HP rock (also it accepted my omastar into the battle so it obviously didn't move up)
  12. Mr.Ganon

    XY OU My first stall team! (yeah it sucks)

    thanks! this chansey spread really doesn't need more bulk though, so that's fine. I need whirlwind to phase out physical setup sweepers so I won't change that, and I'll change sableye to mew because sableye really isn't bulky enough if WoW misses. I'll put rocks on skarmory instead of defog and...
  13. Mr.Ganon

    XY OU My first stall team! (yeah it sucks)

    This is my first stall team (you totally did not already know this nope) and it's really bad so I would like suggestions on how to make it better. anyway enough jazz this is the team: (god that looks derpy) Teambuiding process: started with mega venusaur, 'cause I'm always irritated...
  14. Mr.Ganon

    Show off your funny and/or amazing battles here! C&E finals in the tournaments room. (t-tar is the best sweeper ever btw)
  15. Mr.Ganon

    XY NU We Built Crit City (Peaked #26 on ladder)

    In my opinion, belly drum sitrus berry unburden slurpuff is the best sweeper there is, and vivillion is a poor replacement (I 6-0ed an ubers team with a slurpuff, it helped that the only member of his team not weak to fairy was dialga, but that's beside the point.)
  16. Mr.Ganon

    VGC Te Snowcone <3

    I like the team, but are your talonflame flamethrower calcs done in rain? Generally flare blitz is a better move.
  17. Mr.Ganon

    Rate my LC Sun team!

    This is a good team in theory, but having toxic+will-o-wisp on vulpix is not good, you might want to consider replacing will-o-wisp with fire blast or flamethrower. I don't know anything about the helioptile line, so I cannot rate that, the cottonnee set looks good but in my opinion running...
  18. Mr.Ganon

    XY Ubers Ubers Team of Smash Brothers

    bisharp learns all that? oh, cool. nevermind, it doesn't get megahorn or feint. and someone posted an RU troll team recently, so I'm pretty sure the repercussions won't be too bad.
  19. Mr.Ganon

    XY Ubers Ubers Team of Smash Brothers

    As a disclaimer, this team is in no way meant to be a good team for raising one's rank on the ubers ladder. It is inspired by super smash brothers brawl and is really awful, so read and enjoy! ============================================================================== Captain Falcon...
  20. Mr.Ganon

    XY RU PAWNIARD'S WRATH (another RU joke team)

    Dude, rock polish tackle hippopotas is the only hippopotas worth running.