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  1. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Art Submissions

    WIP Heres a couple of ideas, would love any feedback! Mod edit: Only one full size image allowed
  2. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 2

    Dragon/Poison Fighting/Electric Psychic/Fighting
  3. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 2 - Typing Poll 1

    Dragon/Poison Fighting/Electric Psychic/Fighting Fire/Electric Water/Electric Water/Poison
  4. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment Item Poll 1

    Air Balloon Throat Spray Eject Pack Assault Vest Focus Sash
  5. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Assessment

    1. When do we want to pick our item? As the TL, I am in favor of picking it before any other stage, as that makes the most sense to let the rest of the process be informed by it. Item first, 100%. Not an original opinion but wanted to add my support to this. 2. What stages are most effected by...
  6. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2

    Collector's Edition Hail to the (Sea)King Mix and Match
  7. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 1

    A Rising Star Death Star Collector's Edition Greedy Gadgets Mix and Match Hail to the (Sea)King That's a Skill Issue
  8. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 34 - Part 1 - Concept Submissions

    Final Submission Name - A Rising Star Description - This Pokémon uses a strategy/toolset that was not viable in OU in previous generations. Justification- As with all generations new powerful pokemon, new items/moves for those pokemon, and changes to mechanics have resulted in what's...
  9. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Pet Mod Dollhouse

    Very excited for an upcoming playable version. Also, choosing to believe it isn't a coincidence I used "its stuck in UUBL" so justify my entries, and then they dont get in just as 2/3 mons end up back in OU lol.
  10. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    Heya! Regarding your question about scope, this is well within the bounds of what can be done with a pet mod. Type chart readjustments and such. With regards to your submission post, the concept seems fun! My only thought is that it would be good to either narrow down or provide examples for...
  11. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Pet Mod Dollhouse

    :Kingambit: :espathra: ( Mossy Sandwich ) :Gliscor: :Chien-Pao: :Zamazenta-Crowned: (Yoshiblaze) :Flutter Mane: :Ninetales-alola: (Gekokeso) :Annihilape: ( DenebStargazer ) :Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :Iron Valiant: :Garchomp: :Garganacl: (BobKingOfSeagulls) :Kommo-o: :Clefable: :Dragapult:
  12. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Pet Mod Dollhouse

    Very reasonable! I've added a qualifier that the holder cannot ignore the damage, which is admittedly a cheap way of dealing with MG, and made it so the user is forced to stay in to keep pressuring the opponent. That way regenerator pokemon are still good users, but are still going to be having...
  13. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    From what I've read there are around, like, 240 valid combinations for a 2x2 sudoku. That said, a large number of them are structured the same just with a different rotation (ie, a puzzle where 1 is the top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right and another where 4 is in the same position)...
  14. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Resource Pet Mods Workshop Thread

    A fascinating concept and a fun puzzle in and of itself to find what you want to prioritize / sacrifice to complete the puzzle that is your suggested changes. That said, I think giving people one free omission isn't needed and provides another layer of choice which, imo, isn't warranted with how...
  15. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Pet Mod Ironmons (Slate 4)

    Is this something that has to be considered to qualify like the stuff in the OP or more a general suggestion to stick with what gamefreak have laid out so far?
  16. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Pet Mod Ironmons (Slate 4)

    :sv/toxicroak: Name: Panic Maw Original Pokemon: Toxicroak Type: Poison / Dark Ability: Protosynthesis Stats: 145 HP / 111 ATK / 75 DEF / 95 SPA / 75 SPD / 69 SPE (570 BST) Paradox: Past New Moves: Crunch, Dark Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Hex, Lash Out, Lick, Shadow...
  17. BobKingOfSeagulls

    Pet Mod Dollhouse

    Sometimes it isn't about banworthy threats :Garchomp: Pokemon: Garchomp Reason for Ban: Currently stuck in UUBL, Garchomp isn't getting used anywhere. Banning the old dragon is the sacrifice needed to get this thing into OU again (in the form on an item, that is) Plushie Effect: Making contact...
  18. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 33 - Part 11 - Name Poll 4

    Tsukinami Cresceidon Kaijunami
  19. BobKingOfSeagulls

    CAP 3D Modeling Project

    Looks gorgeous! How did you create such a single, continuous shape with all those little details?