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  1. Jonathan

    Smogon Usage-Based Tier Update: September 2014

    I'd always pronounced PU as Poo in my head, not Pee Ew. Can we officially change it? I think Poo works much better. If people insist on sticking to something disyllabic (to stick with the OU, UU, etc. rhyming), I would be okay with Poo-oh. Like Winnie the Pooh but drawn out.
  2. Jonathan

    Pokémon XY Data Collection

    Didn't see this on Serebii. Swords Dance has 20 PP now :(
  3. Jonathan

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    Surprised Pikachu isn't on there. Since it's basically a list of Ash's Pokemon -_-
  4. Jonathan

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    That has no bearing on EVs. A lvl 32 Lucario leveled up from lvl 5 as Riolu would have the same amount of EVs as Bulbasaur --> Venasuar. Besides, those stats (assuming the defensive ones stay the same, which from the screenshot it seems they do) give Mega Lucario a BST of 610 - which is in line...
  5. Jonathan

    Pokémon XY Leaks

    For Lucario: Assuming a Hasty nature, average IVs, and 40 EVs in each stat (which is pretty generous at lvl 32...) I'm getting offensive stats of 145/140/115. That's pretty insane.
  6. Jonathan

    The Negative Metagame

    How has no one mentioned Wynaut yet? So broken 65 / 137 / 112 / 137 / 112 / 137 This thing is fucking fast! Give it an Eviolite and max out HP and Speed. With such a fast Encore you can easily buy your team-mates free turns. Or switch in on an attack you can take several hits of, Encore...
  7. Jonathan

    np: BW OU Suspect Testing Round 10 - Hazard

    I always lead with Sharpedo against Deoxys. They never get more than one layer up. Life Orb Crunch does like 80% the first turn, 2nd turn you outspeed and kill. Yes there are the rare ones who run TWave, but you still have a 75% chance to attack next turn and kill it, letting it only get one...
  8. Jonathan

    OU Stats — January 2013

    Thanks for these! And thanks Antar and HabbisHotDogs for the added insight into this matter.
  9. Jonathan

    OU Stats — January 2013

    These are really cool thanks - what I'd love to see is the same charts for like the top 250-300 Pokemon. Just to see if there are any other random NU Pokemon being used to success near the top of the ladder. I've been using Parasect to great success near the very top of the ladder and am...
  10. Jonathan

    Auto weather poll

    Haha thanks, yes it's definitely effective! But what makes you think getting rid of rain or all weather is going to change the way people approach team building? Assuming (as I do) that the problem isn't the over-centralizing aspect of weather, but that the majority of people are simply lazy...
  11. Jonathan

    Auto weather poll

    If you think the teambuilding aspect of Pokemon is dead, it's because of influx of new people looking to win quickly and simply copying the best teams out there, not because the metagame is shit. It is still perfectly possibly to build creative and successful teams. I've been using a team of...
  12. Jonathan

    haha thanks man - and yeah I feel the same way about trying to stand apart from mainstream...

    haha thanks man - and yeah I feel the same way about trying to stand apart from mainstream teams. I was never able to get into UU though - would much rather use UUs and below in OU and win :p A lot of people people seem to overlook everything outside the top 30 when choosing team mates. I'm...
  13. Jonathan

    haha don't forget parasect! I play here and there. was in the top 3 of the ladder a month ago...

    haha don't forget parasect! I play here and there. was in the top 3 of the ladder a month ago under bubbles2 with that team. haven't played since the reset though. You?
  14. Jonathan

    The (Past) Dark Horse Project — Volume 1

    When I still played (haven't since last June now) I got to #1 on the OU ladder using both Parasect and Sharpedo. Good times... I'm also bubbles at #7. Yes I used to play way too much.
  15. Jonathan

    Poll: Would you still play Smogon BW OU if all perma weather is banned?

    Is this poll supposed to be an argument in favor of banning perma weather? Just because almost everyone will continue playing doesn't and shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not weather is broken. -_- Someone should start a thread asking "have you stopped playing on Smogon's server...
  16. Jonathan

    Banning Broken Pokemon or preserving our metagame?

    Ultimately, whether or not the voters (and I say voters because really it is they, and not the entire community, who decide what happens) send something off to Ubers or keep it in OU comes down to personal preference. You can always theorymon arguments for something to stay OU or go to Ubers...
  17. Jonathan

    Dream World Tier Discussion

    Great thread, I'm definitely interested in learning more about DW. I think it's a shame really that the tier doesn't get any "official" attention. Below are the number of rated battles played in each tier for the month of May: OU: ~ 274,000 UU: ~ 69,000 Ubers: ~ 9,000 LC: ~ 1300 DW: ~ 106,000...
  18. Jonathan

    The I Really Need to Get a Hobby Challenge!

    Why don't you just build a Baton Pass core with 5 Pokemon and change up the 6th all the time. Boring but effective.
  19. Jonathan

    Battle Subway

    It's true that on the 200th battle you still have a 99.6% chance of winning. But if you're starting from battle one, you need to realize you have a 44.8% chance of reaching the 200th battle.
  20. Jonathan

    Battle Subway

    ^ Lol with those odds you'd have better luck running into two shinies. 1/8192 > 1/10000 Which actually happened to me like 5 years ago while playing LeafGreen, I ran into a Shiny Machop and then a Shiny Tentacool literally like 15 minutes later. Anything is possible, and those ridiculous odds...