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  1. 2012 music

    new sigur ros leaked ndfawlshcjalhmfiuas so excited
  2. 2012 music

    quite a few hip hop releases this week: unreleased frank ocean: PDA & Math new kanye: Mercy & Theraflu
  3. 2011-12 Football/Soccer Thread

    did anyone find out what ballotelli's undershirt said?
  4. 2012 music

    heard flashing lights on gilles peterson's radio show today and fell in love, such a good cover!
  5. 2012 music

    that was gorgeous!
  6. 2012 music

    super jizz
  7. 2012 music

    first track from the upcoming hot chip album is a corker also great news from twitter: "New Sigur Rós album "Valtari" out May 28th in the UK. Described as heavy and floaty, more electronic stuff than before, no English lyrics." Tall Ships are...
  8. 2012 music

    it's super sunny today so I took the opportunity to listen to the Michael Kiwanuka album and it is fantastic, "i'm getting ready" is a personal highlight, but the title track, "I won't lie" and "worry walks beside me" are all absolutely beautiful
  9. 2012 music

    man, port of morrow is so great. "it's only life" is on loop de loop at the moment
  10. myspace pics

  11. Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    You can have my mangler for free if you're still after one - I have no use for it
  12. 2011 Music

    fucking hell - this new thrice album is absolutely great. they've done it again.
  13. Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    ...wasn't that me? lolol good games regardless, hoping we can get a few more people in later events :)
  14. Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    I'll try and play later, depends what's going on. Steam ID is "jjmasterflexx" i think, should show up as "!!!" though. What's the steam group address?
  15. Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    Played some Payload Race earlier as a Medic, pocketing a Heavy and a Demo until we were all at around 200 points or so. The best part, however, is that all three of us kept getting put on the same team after six or seven auto-scrambles. I think people thought we were cheating as we were the top...
  16. 2011-12 Football/Soccer Thread

    Europa League groups: GROUP A: Spurs Rubin PAOK Shamrock Rovers GROUP B: Copenhagen Standard Liege Hannover Vorskla GROUP C: PSV Hapoel Tel Aviv Rapid Bucharest Legia Warsaw GROUP D: Sporting Lisbon Lazio Zurich Vaslui GROUP E: Dynamo Kyiv...
  17. 2011-12 Football/Soccer Thread

    So, Shamrock Rovers just qualified for the group stages of the Europa League, scoring an absolute screamer to win the game Just for reference, Shamrock Rovers are one of the teams rated half a star on the FIFA games that you play against when you want to score in the double digits
  18. 2011-12 Football/Soccer Thread

    Had Meireles get an assist, and Long and De Laet both score this week, but they were ALL on the bench. Rest of my fantasy team is 1 and 2 pointers, football's been pretty frustrating this week with this and watching my beloved reading get 3 penalties in a single game and still lose 2-1 to a...
  19. 2011 Music

    mentioned the Thundercat album in my previous post, turns out it is now streaming on hype machine, you can listen here
  20. Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    This game has pretty much consumed me recently, really really enjoying it and I think I've gotten pretty good. I'd love to play with you guys, are there any particular times that you tend to be on?