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  1. Gmax

    Big Mafia Mafia 3 Sign-Ups

  2. Gmax

    NOC Animal Mafia ~Game Over~

    greetings, DLE!
  3. Gmax

    Power Rankings?

    Hi zorbees! I'm really not an expert on NOC, but you've seen how ego-driven people get sometimes, man. I just didn't feel it would be a good idea to incentivise people to play for themselves over their team, especially in NOCs, where it's harder for teammates to influence each other.
  4. Gmax

    Power Rankings?

    Power rankings? Do you really want to further encourage individual-oriented play with power rankings? We used to do postgame posts, where players used to comment on how their game progressed, and would sometimes discuss how others played as well. Hosts would do detailed reviews as well. Players...
  5. Gmax

    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    WHAT a chapter! Jinbei: glorious
  6. Gmax

    Mafia Championship Season 3 Tribute Volunteer Thread

    shade remember when we did this hydra stuff
  7. Gmax

    Cleaning up Circus: Forum intros and other junk

    I'm not really understanding the concerns about aliases. Aliases open the game up. A lot. People might be hesitant to vote, but when it's necessary, the votes pour out. The situation to do that just needs to be created. OC is an integral part of the games that we play, and the use of aliases...