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    Format Discussion Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    d pulse is an option, i had it over w-o-w yesterday
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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2018 - Round 1

    Nothing the British like more than being the underdogs. Go UK :D
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    Resource USM Creative & Underrated Sets v2

    No, Heavy Slam's BP changes. I've tried to spot any actual meta relevant pokemon. Hoopa-Unbound -> 60BP to 40BP (Earthquake actually does more anyway) Zygarde -> 80BP to 60BP (This is potentially significant) Hippowdown -> 80BP to 60BP (Not particularly common, but could have an impact)...
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    2017/18 (Soccer) Football Thread

    Yeah that's really fucking weird... I get being hyped and everything cause our seasons have gone No European football -> Europa League Final -> Champions League qualification -> Champions League FInal. All within like 3 years. But pretty sure those people claiming they're crying are just...
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    2017/18 (Soccer) Football Thread

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    SM UU Simple Questions Thread

    Cause something clicks taunt...
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    Metagame USUM Memetagame Discussion was a mistake

    I thought Nido was good back in early SM when defensive cores were just Fini/Thorn/Tran. It was a time when stall didn't really exist, webs were good so it could fit on there, and just had a much better time due to less solid teambuilding in general. I remember Sub 3 attacks being an absolute...
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    Tournament SPL9 - SM OU Discussion Thread

    Since there's 0 discussion in here, I thought I'd do a bit of analysis. I'm gonna talk about megas in week 3. In general, megas are nowhere near as necessary this gen, and the selection of viable one are limited to a small pool now. But I'll go through order of appearance the FV vs Gingy game...
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    USUM UU Viability Ranking Thread V2

    Ampharos-Mega to C- Before the most recent drops, this thing should not have been anywhere near the viability rankings. However, the rise of trick room has legitimately given this mon a defined niche. I essence, the standard OU TR team is so good that it really doesn't need many changes to work...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Out of interest. What are you copycatting?
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    Superstar Pearl's UU Secret Santa!

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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Honestly, right now, nearly any relatively offensive team appreciates Scarf Ninja purely for being able to revenge kill Naganadel
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    Resource Ultra SM OU Bazaar

    [Naganadel] So here's a team I'm unbeaten with so far; I've never been a great builder but this one's pretty solid (thanks celepex). Basically I wanted to build around Naganadel and against it. I genuinely believe the only reliable (and good in the metagame) revenge killer for this mon is...
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    Project SM OU Lure That Threat v2 Round 45 - Heart Swap Magearna

    JuanchoTacorta sorry bro it's all yours
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    Metagame [SPOILERS] ULTRA SM - Speculation & Discussion

    Like, I don't know if you've heard of this little mon called Toxapex. It's seen a little bit of usage in the tier, kinda resists both attacks, kinda takes <50% from +6 Play Rough, kinda has Haze... Webs could be cool on it but think Ribombee's gonna be the better setter
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    Party draft round 1

    Same as above. Opp's not responded in nearly a week
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    Party draft round 1

    Obvs don't wanna ask for activity in a tour like this. But as you know opp's been super slow replying and hasn't even scheduled a day to play. Can't really hang around all day for himt o reply but will hopefully get it done today
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    Tournament Ban That Pokemon (Round 1)