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  1. TheOhaiGuy

    ORAS UU Hulk Up Conkeldurr

    Ohai! New Drops, New team, and a set that I haven't seen else where on the ladder or in tournaments at all. It may be sub-optimal(better than Sub Punch Conk though!), but the team is fun as is doing decently for me on the ladder, getting me comfortably into the top 150 with very few losses so...
  2. TheOhaiGuy

    ORAS UU Horn and Hair

    OHAI!!! This is my first UU RMT on smogon. I have never been too dedicated to the forums but what the hey, this is a team that has gotten me higher than ever, so why not get some potential improvements. Proof of top 50: TEAMBUILDING PROCESS The team started as something built vaguely around...
  3. TheOhaiGuy

    XY OU Bugs and Bunny

    Ohai, this is my first RMT, and to my own surprise its OU. This is my second last resort to being on tilt in other tiers as far as team building. Watching Pokeaim makes OU look very fun. So I threw together a team and propelled me to mid 1700s, without too much trouble(or hax). So the team...