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  1. Ludicrousity

    Announcement Pet Mods Grand Slam!

    art by LifeisDANK format by lyd Hello everyone! And welcome to the first edition of the Pet Mods Grand Slam Tournament! In this tournament, participants will take on no less than eight unique Pet Mods to compete for the title of winner of the first Pet Mods Grand Slam. The format will consist...
  2. Ludicrousity

    Favorite Pet Mod (For PMGS)

    This thread is a poll simply for us to see everyone's favorite pet mods. You may pick up to 5 of the above choices. This will help us figure out the best mods to get to coding in preparation of the Pet Mods Grand Slam, and to figure out which mods will be in it. Please refrain from posting in...
  3. Ludicrousity

    Eevee'd (Current Slate: FFA!)

    Approved by G-Luke Eevee'd Hello, and welcome to Eevee'd, where the goal is to give different pokemon an evolution line similar to the Eevee line :) (this is also my take on Form Freaks / Rotom'd) Rules: The pokemon will be done in slates, and each slate will contain 1-3 pokemon. You may make...
  4. Ludicrousity

    The Complete Pokedex Project v3

    /\The Complete Pokedex Project v3/\ Approved by Eevee General and G-Luke -> -> / -> -> / ? -> -> ? Hello there! Welcome to the second return of The Complete Pokedex Project- where the aim is to create a three stage evolution line for every Pokemon! First of all, big...