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  1. megacrazyhand

    Canalave Library Spring Contest

    Approved by sirDonovan | Art credit to LifeisDANK Have you ever wanted to stand tall atop Mount Olympus? Specifically at the start of Spring? Feel that Spring breeze rustle through your hair? I know I have! While Canalave Library cannot physically put you on the mountain of the gods, we can...
  2. megacrazyhand

    Canalave Library Winter Contest

    Approved by sirDonovan Are you competitive? Are you festive? Are you simply someone who likes snow? Well, the creators behind the spooky Halloween Contest are pleased to announce a Winter Contest! This contest is a little different: we will be accepting art (including photography) and...
  3. megacrazyhand

    Halloween Writing Contest (Writing Room and Canalave Library)

    Approved by: sirDonovan This year, we rise anew. The Mythology room has been reborn: step into the Canalave Library! Our topics have expanded from just sheer mythology to include ancient history, genealogy, and legends. So how does one celebrate such a re-branding? With a joint Halloween event...
  4. megacrazyhand

    Joint Mythology and Writing Room Halloween Contest

    Approved by: sirDonovan An essential part of the European-American mythology is horror, from the works of Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe to those of Washington Irving. From our music to our movies, an overlooked aspect of American culture and mythology is horror. With Halloween around the...
  5. megacrazyhand

    XY OU Voltturn

    Intro: The basic stance of the team is voltturning around for momentum and sweepers to destroy anything that hurts the momentum. The team has gotten me around 1600 and I'm looking for a good Stall breaker. Manectric (F) @ Manectite Ability: Lightningrod EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef Timid...
  6. megacrazyhand

    A Memo from Professor Elm on the Merits of Chikorita

    Idea: A memo from Professor Elm to all starting trainers about the merits of using Chikorita. Reason: I used to hate Chikorita with a burning passion, but then I used it in a Let's Pay of Pokemon Crystal. While the Let's Play remains incomplete (the files are lost) it gave me an appreciation...